Popsicle love!

One of the things I remember from camping as a child was walking to the camp store to choose a Popsicle. I usually came back with a chocolate scooter crunch bar or the strawberry version. I still have a soft spot for those treats!

We are camping this memorial day weekend and it is hot! We took our girls and 2 extras down to the store and bought some Popsicles. Emma thoroughly enjoyed hers and michayla inhaled it so fast it never had a chance to drip.





*all photos were taken with my iPhone


Michayla’s Last Day of 3 Year Old Preschool

Today was Michayla’s last day of her first year of preschool! She absolutely loved her teachers and they were awesome for putting up with ALL of her drama and roller coaster of emotions. If you don’t know Michayla, this girl has to be destined for some sort of theater in her future! She can turn a marker spot on her finger to an all out production… no lie! This morning started out with a minor meltdown, followed by a few more, until she completely lost it when I dropped her off. Why? I have no idea! She soon cheered up though and did a great job for her program. I could hear her loud and clear through the whole thing!

I wanted to show Mrs. Berkey and Mrs. Knight how much we appreciated them, but I wanted to avoid the traditional candles, lotion & plants… so of course I went to pinterest! That is where I found this awesome idea! It was very easy to do and cost less then $10 each. I’ll tell you how I made them below.

Here are just a few of her last day!


Directions for Crayon Letter Art!

In word, fill a whole page with the letter that you’re going to make. Color the font so that it is the lightest possible grey. then use word art to overlay the person’s full name. You can do it to the side or on the top/bottom. Print it out on card stock. I also recommend printing another on regular paper for laying it out. Carefully cut the crayons using a sharp knife and cutting board. I found that if you rolled the knife over the crayons, causing the crayons to roll, you got a cleaner cut. if you try and push straight down, it is jagged. Lay them out on your practice page and then using tacky glue, start gluing! After drying all night, I placed it in an 8×11 shadow box. That’s it! Super easy and not to time consuming once I got a rhythm of cutting crayons down!