Lighting makes all the difference!

I’m often asked when the best time is for a portrait session and when I tell my clients right after sunrise or just before sunset they usually look at me like I have three heads… especially if there are children involved! I honestly don’t tell you this just to torture you, I tell you this because I want you to have fabulous portraits!  I will give you great images at any time of the day, but the best light and some of my most awesome images are just as the sun comes up or as it’s on it’s way out.


Yesterday, I captured an absolute perfect example of this. I had the privilege of capturing some sweet cuties at a local orchard. We started at about 9:15 AM and this photo was captured at about 9:45. Is it cute? Yes! Do Mom and Grandma love it? Absolutely! Is the lighting a little iffy? Unfortunately, yes. Those blown out spots,  and super bright background are hard to work with sometimes, not to mention how a bright sun makes for squinty kids.  This is still a great shot and as the tress fill up with leaves it is easier to capture during the day.


Now take a look at this next image. GORGEOUS! This portrait was taken at about 7:30 PM at the exact same location! We used the same row and the same tree as our backdrop. Seriously, just look at that light! The natural glow of the sunset just adds a warmth to everything and it’s so smooth… there aren’t any glowing hot spots on someone’s head!


So do you believe me when i say that the light makes all the difference? I’m really not trying to be mean and I do want to work with you when your kids are going to be happiest so we will make whatever situation work. I’m a professional photographer, that’s what we do! 7K2A0159

Plus if you are willing to work with me super early in the morning or late at night, we can capture some cool images like these…