Walter Joshua Fretz – The story of our son who is impacting so many even though he was on this earth for only a few minutes

Thank you to everyone who has written and messages me. I was trying my best to respond to everyone but I just can’t keep up. I am reading every message that comes to me and am thankful for them, except for the occasional negative and nasty ones. Please do not be upset if I don’t respond, I wish I had more hours in the day so I could respond to everyone who has opened their hearts to me. ❤ to you all'

*Please be advised that the photos in this post are emotionally hard to handle. I believe they are beautiful and shows that at 19 weeks my child was fully formed. I do not want anyone to be upset with what they see. You should view them before showing them to a child because they will bring up a lot of questions. Thank you all for reading and sharing our story.

*** I did not post these photos or our story with the intention of gathering facebook "likes" or comments. I really don't care about those things at all. I shared these photos so my friends and family could see my perfect child. I never, ever could have imagined that it would spread across the world like this. I'm sorry if you think that I'm searching for fame or trying to increase my business, but that is not the case. Anyone that does knows me knows my heart and my love for the Lord. I wish that this hadn't happened, but it did for a reason. Maybe that reason was to share with the world how perfect a baby which is legal to abort in many states really is. I'll never know in this lifetime. I do know that the Lord has a perfect plan and that I will get to see my son again. If you have a problem with my faith and stance on abortion, just don't comment. Thanks and much ❤ to everyone who has been sending messages. I've read every single comment on the blog. I don't think I'll be able to keep up with the messages on FB, it has been a little overwhelming! May the Lord bless you all! ***

walter 003 - Version 2
Friday June 14th did not turn out as I expected. I started the day enjoying a pedicure with the bride to be and very good friend Megan along with her mom Cathy and all of her bridesmaids. We had an enjoyable lunch and ran a few errands and then were headed home to start preparing for the rehearsal. Starting on the tuesday before I had some mild spotting, it was never anything much and dark brown, a normal pregnancy occurence. I never had any pain at any point. On friday I noticed that the spotting started to turn a little more pink. When I returned home to gather all of my camera equipment for the rehearsal I decided to call my midwife to see what she thought of the spotting just for my own peace of mind. I knew I was going to be on my feet a lot the next day, probably about 12 hours. She decided it would be best to head to the ER to be checked, again more for my own peace of mind then anything else. I did have a complete placenta previa with Michayla, so we were both a little concerned that it could be a placenta issue again. I called Josh who had just gotten to the park with the girls and he grabbed the girls and headed back to the house.

We left Flora around 3 and headed to a recommended hospital in Kokomo which was about 45 minutes away. On the way we called our parents just to give them a heads up. We arrived at the ER and checked in. I could tell that the nurse really wanted me to be over 20 weeks. The policy is that anyone under 20 weeks of pregnancy stays in the ER, otherwise they head straight to OB. I was 19 weeks and 3 days. As we sat in the waiting area there were several pregnant women that came and went because they were over 20 weeks, and there I sat, waiting. We were finally taken back around 5 and after I changed we found a heartbeat right away. I believe it was in the high 160’s. Hearing the heartbeat immediately put me at ease and I just sat waiting on the dr. to show up. Finally a PA or NP, I can’t remember what she was, showed up and said that the dr. would be back and do a vaginal exam and send me for an ultrasound. Then we sat and waited some more… finally the dr. showed up and said he wasn’t doing a vaginal exam and I would be going to ultrasound, then he left. At this point, it’s past 5:30 and Josh had to leave to run the rehearsal since he was officiating the wedding the next day. We were both a little excited that there was going to be an ultrasound and hoping we could find out what we were having. We were scheduled for our 20 week ultrasound when we returned home on Wednesday.

At 6 PM, a new nurse came in and gave me 3 glasses of water and told me to drink up for the ultrasound and then she left. I put on the tv and started watching house hunters, I was assuming I wouldn’t be able to finish the 30 minute episode because they would come get me for my ultrasound, but I was very wrong. A few minutes after 6 I started to feel a few twinges of pain. by the end of the half hour show I knew I was in labor, there was no doubt in my mind, I’ve been through it before. I couldn’t sit in the bed anymore because the pain was too intense. I called for my nurse and she didn’t come, 10 minutes later I called again and she finally showed up. I was bawling my eyes out at this point because of the pain and all of the emotions streaming though me. I was not mentally prepared to go through labor and everything in me was fighting it every step of the way, I did not want this labor to happen yet. When she finally showed up she didn’t seem to believe me that I was in labor and said she’d let the dr know, then left. I have no idea how long until he came back but all he said was that he would push the ultrasound up and left. I felt like I was put in the back corner of the ER and left to my own. No help, no sympathy, nothing. I was not able to call my mom because there was no cell reception, I could text Joshua because we are both on iphones and I had a wireless signal but I didn’t want to worry him because i knew he had to get through the rehearsal.

A little after 7 Josh left the church which was about 20 minutes away. I was taken to ultrasound at around the same time. The ultrasound technician was the first person that I felt actually cared about me and was nice to me. Not that the others were mean, but they didn’t give me any more time then they had to. Right away she found the heartbeat for me, which was encouraging. She wasn’t able to tell me anything else. She was very quick with her ultrasound and when she left to talk to the radiologist, she found another lady to come sit with me. We didn’t talk but it was comforting to know someone else was there. When I went to the bathroom to clean myself up from the ultrasound there was a lot more blood and I completely fell apart at that point. Joshua arrived just as they were wheeling me back to my room. They had someone waiting for him so that he could be brought to me right away, the ulatrasound technician made sure he could find me. When we got back to the ER room I had to use the restroom again and when I went in the technician turned to Josh and said “I’m sorry, and I don’t want her to see me crying, but I will be praying for you” and she gave him a hug and left. It was about 7:20 when I got back to my room.

At this point there was no break between the contractions, they were so intense and just as one finished another would start. I’ve been through labor and I grew up hearing a lot about it from my mother who helped with home births and is now a L&D nurse. I’ve also been in a few births for my photography, so I knew listening to myself that I was at the end. I wouldn’t give up hope yet, but in my heart of hearts, I knew that I was losing my baby. At some point the PA or whatever she was came in and said “your fetus is still viable” I seriously wanted to slap her. She was at least a little more sympathetic than the Dr. who I never saw again. They told me that they were going to send me upstairs and do a cervical cerclage which did raise my hopes some.

At this point everything started becoming a blur, I was finally taken upstairs to OB around 8 PM. I was in so much pain I couldn’t tell what was going on around me. Anyone that knows me knows how much I hate needles and have a tendency to pass out. It took them 3 tries and a lot of blood on my arms before they finally got an IV in, I didn’t care one bit. The Dr checked me and then sat down beside me on the bed and told me that we were going to be delivering our baby. This was the first that anyone had called him a baby. I immediately started bawling and asking if there was any other option. She was so very kind and very upset that the ER had told me they were going to perform a cerclage. In order for a cerclage to be performed you can not be in active labor which I was at that point. I was also fully dilated and my water was bulging, there was no other option at this point. She apologized over and over and was so kind as were all of the nurses. I can’t even tell you how many people were in our room and doing things to me, but I was never left alone and always had someone with me. I was offered some pain medicine which I accepted and the pain started to ease some. It was still very strong during contractions but I was able to relax in between. Joshua left the room to deliver the horrible news to my parents and sisters who were all on vacation in the Outer Banks and his parents back in PA. Our friends Kip & Cathy came from the rehearsal to see if we needed anything and to be with us. Then sweet Megan who should have been focusing on her wedding the next day came to check on us. She was there talking and crying with me when my water broke. 

Walter was breech so we were waiting on my water to break on it’s own and let nature progress at it’s own pace. I don’t remember what time I started pushing, but I was not feeling the contractions anymore after my water broke, so I did have to push several times to get his tiny body out. He was born at 9:42 PM and he was handed up to me as soon as his cord was clamped. I was crying so hard at this point but he was perfect. He was fully formed and everything was there, I could see his heart beating in his tiny chest. Joshua and I both held him and cried over him and looked over our perfect, tiny son. The nurses and Dr. left us to have some private time along with him. Unfortunately, my IV alarm kept going off so my nurse had to keep coming in to check on that, but she was very gracious and apologetic the entire time. Cathy and my sister in law Rachel returned to the hospital to bring the items that I needed and were able to hold Walter. We were so thankful that Rachel was also there for the wedding since she took care of our girls so that Cathy and Megan did not need to worry about having 2 preschoolers on top of everything else that was going on. Sometime between midnight and 1, I had to be taken to the OR to have a d&c because the placenta would not release on its own. There were 2 ladies that came to be with me and were with me the entire time so I would never be alone. The first thing they did was pray with me, which was so amazing. The d&c went well and I was soon back in my room and sleeping from the medicines and anesthesia.

I can not say enough good things about my Dr and the nurses that were there with me. They never once mentioned the word fetus. They prayed with me, cried with me and were there for my every need.Even in a time of so much pain I felt loved by them all. They took such absolute wonderful care of us. They contacted the local funeral home and were going to take care of all of the forms and make all of the calls for us to take him home to PA if we wanted. A gentleman from the funeral home came and talked with us about our options and he was so very kind. In the end we did decide to have him cremated, it was the easiest and best option for us. My Dr made every effort to make sure I had all of my questions answered. She even took the time to talk to my midwife personally and gave me her number in case my mom, an OB nurse, had any questions. She didn’t have to do any of that, and I truly appreciated it. We left the hospital with many books and trinkets to remember our son by. They made sure that the girls each had a few mementos to remember their brother by. Shortly after returning home we had a wonderful card that had notes from all of the nurses and Dr. that took care of me during our stay. So while I felt abandoned and alone in the ER, the OB area was amazing. They encouraged us to hold and bond with our son. In fact he left our room while I had the d&c and then was back with us until the funeral home came to take him. I’m heartbroken by the stories I’ve been hearing from people who weren’t allowed to see their child. That would be so absolutely devastating! I held him, cuddled him, while his heart was beating I held him to my heart, I counted his toes and kissed his tiny head. I will always cherish those memories that I have of him.

The next morning, Rachel brought our daughters to the hospital. There wasn’t ever any doubt in my mind that I needed to have the girls in to see their brother. Michayla especially has been so excited about the baby and really wanting a brother. She knew something wasn’t right and kept asking Rachel and then her daddy as he brought them to our room about the baby. She kept asking if the baby was ok and if we could take him home. It took Emma a little bit to comprehend what I was telling her when I told her that Jesus took their baby to Heaven with Him, but she did understand as well. She has bounced back pretty quick though and besides randomly telling people that our baby died, doesn’t talk about it to much. Michayla on the other hand is a completely different story. She was absolutely devastated and cried and cried. She has been asking so many questions and it’s hard for her when we have to tell her that we don’t know. Joshua still went and performed the ceremony. If I had been able to, I would have still done the photos. On top of everything that happened that was also hard for me, not fulfilling a commitment. I know I had no control and in no way are they upset with me, but it still bothers me.


We still do not know why or how this happened. My midwife has talked personally with the OB Dr. that treated me in Indiana. We’ll be getting all of the records and reports as they finish up the dictations and receive pathology reports back. It could have been a cervix issue, maybe a result of some of the damage from Emma’s birth. It could be preterm labor or a world of other things and we may never know why or how. There will be extra precautions taken if we can ever get pregnant again. That is another area that is unknown. We went through so much and many trips to the specialist in Frederick to conceive Walter. So much still to think about…

I am so very glad that Joshua went to our vehicle and got my camera. At first I did not want any photos, but they are the only thing I have to look back on now. I’m still in shock at how much his photos have been shared and commented on. In his short life of just a few minutes he has touched more lives then I ever could have imagined. I have gotten messages from people all around the country who have experienced a loss or were just touched by his story. I’ve even had a few people tell me that they were able to use his photos to reach out to a hurting woman who was contemplating an abortion. Just because the child within can not be seen by us does not mean that it is a blob of cells. Walter was perfectly formed and very active in the womb. If he had just a few short more weeks he would have had a fighting chance at life. I don’t understand why the Lord took him home, but I have to trust in his perfect timing. I may never know why, but it is a comfort to know where he is and that I will see him again. For now, he’s with his heavenly father who loves him unmeasurably more then I, as his earthly mother ever could.

If you would like to see some more of Walter’s photos, please visit my website at

Please feel free to share our photos. In all our hurt, I am glad that some good can come out of this. I pray that the Lord will continue to use Walter’s photos to impact many.

If anyone would like to contact me directly, you can find me on facebook or email me directly at

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2,440 thoughts on “Walter Joshua Fretz – The story of our son who is impacting so many even though he was on this earth for only a few minutes

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. Such a sad story. Heaven has another Angel. Appreciate the moments spent with your son. What a beautiful family. Take care.

    1. I really can not begin to imagine what u have been and went through and as for the doctors and nurses that abandoned you should be very very amashed of them selfs but u should be very proud of yourself and your beautiful little boy walter he just couldnt wait to c his mummy and to be held by you all and u r very blessed to have such a beautiful little angel looking down on you and guiding you for the rest of ur lives my thoughts love and prayers are with u all r.i.p little man x x x

      1. I am so very sorry for your and your family’s loss! I pray you don’t have ignorant people saying things like, Oh well. You can always have more. Grrrr.

        The minute I learned I was pregnant, I bonded with our little girl! I was terrified of having a miscarriage because it took us 9 years to get pregnant.

        God bless and keep you.

    2. aaawwww i feel for you,you dont know me,but i was just looking at your beautiful little is very raw to me aswell,my daughter has just lost her baby 21st june,i calll it a baby and not a fetus,and llooking at your baby,it IS a BABY,hope you and your family can get bk to a bit of normallity very soon,and good luck for the future.x

    3. i am sorry for your loss 13 years ago i was prengent at 21 weeks i give birth to him he was just like your little boy and i said to my self i am not having any more kids it was so hard to move on but had to for my other kids we named him and than 10 years later meet my husband and now
      i am now 6 weeks and i am scared that it well happen again but have to keep say no it well not

      so i know what its like my hart is with u all

      1. Nothing like that will happen again. Be blessed!! I declare blessing over you and your baby, hope all the peace and love of God embrace you!

    4. I am so sorry for your loss of your sweet baby. I myself have buried 3 babies and it is such a hard experience to go through. Your message was sweet though and your faith is strong and you are so right that you will see him again someday. I know for me I look forward to the day when my babies will be placed in my arms again. Some words of comfort that were given to me during my times of grief is that we are promised that every tear shed here in this life will be made up in the life to come. I hope you can find a little hope from that message. Thank you for sharing your story.

    5. So sorry for your loss, I lost my son at 20 weeks, I got preeclaympsia and they had to induce my labor….He was fully formed and he had features like my husband and my daughter….He would be 11 now……He was perfect just born to early……Praying for you and your family……

      1. I am very sorry for your loss, He is beautiful he is with our Father in the heaven. God bless you. Praying for you and you family

    6. I am so sorry for your loss, my heart goes out to you and your family, but he was much more than what you think, he is an angel and he is where GOD wants him to be. I love the pictures they are great he is so beautiful. Peace be in your hearts and God Bless You and Your Family.

      1. I’m sorry for your loss. God bless you and your pretty family. You have very beautiful girls and a great husband. If you want another kid, go ahead. Jesus will be your doctor.

    7. Thank you for sharing your story and your beautiful pictures. It is wonderful for you and your girls to have these memories of your little angel baby, Walter. You are blessed to have had the opportunity to cuddle him for his brief time in our world. I am so very sorry for the painful loss you have had in your life.
      As a perinatal loss liaison and RN in OB at a Detroit suburban hospital, I encourage compassionate treatment of our parents experiencing possible pregnancy loss. I hope the staff at the hospital Walter was born was supportive of your bonding time with your precious baby boy.
      May God bless you and your family and help you with the pain in your heart.

    8. I’m so sorry for ur loss I jus wanted to say I love ur faith and the way u have handled all this I wanna b someone like u, this story has blessed me to c that when we lose something very precious to us it helps us!!!! Thank you for posting it I’m glad u did cuz this was meant for someone to read and I think it was me so thank you soon much and I’ll b praying for u and ur family !!!! ❤

    9. You do not know me, I doubt we will ever walk the same path, but we share the same Lord and Savior who promises that we are all brothers and sisters. So my heart aches for you and your family during this difficult time. May you find peace in your prayers and know that your precious angel will rest in the arms of our Lord and will forever be PERFECT. I will hug my baby boy just a little longer tonight and hope you are able to find comfort in the arms of your beautiful family. Thank you so much for sharing this story. You will impact many lives.

      Blessings and prayers to you.

    10. Sweetie, just curious, did they ever check your progesterone levels in your early stages of pregnancy? I too had placenta previa and a high risk pregnancy but I found a doctor who believed in checking my levels. He immediately placed me on progesterone suppositories for 3 months. My second pregnancy, same thing. I say this to say,when you become pregnant again, and I truly believe you will, please keep this information in mind as it is a known fact that women who tend to naturally miscarry their babies tend to have lack if progesterone which prepares the lining of the uterus for attachment. I am touched by your candidness and openness to share your sadness. I commit to keep you and your family in prayer for the next few month. May God comfort your broken hearts and give your peace and even joy in the midst of great pain and sadness! ❤ michele

      1. This happened to me as well. I lost our first baby at 9 weeks and became pregnant again 2 months later. I was waiting in the doctor’s waiting room and read an article on progestrone. I asked my doc if he would test mine. He said he rarely did that test, but I insisted. I had no progestrone! None! I would have lost our son also if God had not shown me that magazine article! Our Nathanael David, (Blessed Gift from God) is now 18 and wants to make prosthetics better for amputees. So insist they test your progestrone. I too believe we will hold our babies when we reach heaven. God bless and heal you and your family.

      2. Thank you for posting this. I lost ten babies due to lack of progesterone and my doctor told me I was normal…. i lost 8 between my first son and my second Live birth son and then I lost 2 more between my third live birth son and my 4th live birth son. Between 3 different OB Doctors none ever tested me for this condition and all refused to tie my tubes as it was heartbreaking for me to keep getting pregnant I feared it. It was my last OB that diagnosed me and told me what was wrong all this time and he was outraged that I had been allowed to suffer so much heartbreak. I Pray for your peace of mind and for all families that suffer the heartache of losing a child. You never forget any of them and my only solace is I know they are with the Lord in heaven.

      3. I’m so glad you two women have shared this information about progesterone. It may save the lives of many babies who might otherwise die. Their mothers will read this. I never heard of having a lack of progesterone and it completely makes sense – how sad. strength and healing to all the mothers, fathers, and families who have lost their babies. I have had three of my own slip from me. I have one growing inside right now, and hope and pray that everything will be alright this time. Blessings and love – thank-you for sharing your painful but beautiful story and your gorgeous perfect tiny son. ❤

    11. I just want to say im sorry I feel your pain with the lose of a child. I myself lost 4 children before my 12 weeks my heart still hurts to this day but I know god got 4 perfect angels but at the same time I had 3 which were all born without life but by gods grace he brought them back to me and im so greatful for the 3 I got to have it was a terrifying time having them my first daughter I didn’t get to see till the day we left the hospital. when I gave birth my mom yelled shes black my father is black so she assumed but it wasn’t that she was without life for so lone she was purple and dead but god gave her back to me the same with my other 2 but not as in bad shape,i can no longer have children and I know my angels are in the arms for god as well as your son. I hope your family heals well and always know he might not be on earth in body form but he will always be right there. god bless……..always remembered and never forgotton

    12. I am so sorry for your loss.In 1989 I loss twin girls @ 6months I was devastated.I could not bring myself to hold,or even see them because I thought the pain would be to much,I even got angry when a nurse laid photos of them on my nightstand.Bottom line is I didn’t have Christ in my life,in fact I blamed God for taking them away.Your faith with our Lord has made you stronger, you know where your infant is….the loving arms of our Savior. It took me awhile to come to that realization.I had to bury my twins,mourn.. and I used a lot of energy at being bitter.My step-mother(a devout Christian) told me that they were now in God’s arms,I now have Christ in my life and I know my girls are up there bouncing on their grandfather’s knees.most likely my mom and him are fighting about who gets them!!:) You are awesome…you did something I now wish I had done,spending time with him is part of the healing.You will be with him again,I’d like to think that my girls were there to greet him,and they are eternal playmates.Bless you for sharing your story and your beautiful baby boy. My thoughts and prayers are with you

      1. My heart goes out to you and your family and please know that myself and my husband, as well as our families and churches, will be praying for you. I also want to say thank you for telling your story. It may sound strange, but while your and Walter’s story is sad, it is also inspirational. Amazing. You see, I am a fairly young woman, no older than 22, and recently married–as in a month and 3 days today. I am lucky to be physically surrounded by strong, Godly women, but I look out into the world around me and see young girls who I know could be wonderful girls if they only had the right guidance. Knowing that they don’t upsets me greatly and makes me feel like myself and the amazing women around me are, in fact, a minority today. We are just a small portion of people. What can we do? I like to consider myself a strong individual–a strong woman and Christian–but when I stand in a crowd in the mall and I am the only one my age or younger that is not wearing extremely short shorts or skirt and an immodest top, I find my strength wavering. Reading your story, hearing how amazingly well you handled everything (crying is natural; the fact that you never stopped trying to save your baby and never gave up on Him–and also didn’t haul off and smack that nurse–was amazing), and knowing that you don’t blame God for any of it but rather look to Him for guidance and trust Him completely, entirely… The world would have done the opposite, blaming Him before they could even open their mouths, but you picked up the remaining pieces of your life, sent up a prayer, kissed your daughters’ foreheads, hugged your husband’s neck, and pushed on. YOU are truly an inspiration. A light for a young soul, a young wife, to look up to. You and Walter give me hope that all is not lost in this world, there are still women out there raising their girls to be good and just and pure girls. Women who have unbelievable strength and unwavering faith. Thank you for giving this young woman hope, hope that one day she can be a strong and loving mother and an inspiration to not only her own children but the children and women she will work and come into contact with throughout her career as a counselor. Thank you, and please know that I will keep sweet Walter in my heart, remembering him and his courageous mother when I am trying to help a scared girl to find other options besides abortion.

      2. Your baby is beautiful.Thankyou for sharing your families story. Thankyou for being so brave. I want to go back to Jan 26 and do a few more things with our baby Angel born at 19 weeks. I would do it all again just so I could express more love.

    13. So sorry for your loss. Thank you though for sharing such an amazingly intimate time in your family’s life. Your trust in God is inspirational. Your whole family is in my prayers.

    14. Words cannot express how so very sorry I am for your loss. You are an amazing courageous woman of faith. In inspiration to many. The Lord will will give you another beautiful baby boy!! Zechariah 9 :12, matthew 5 :4. May the Lord Bless you and your beautiful family. Praying for you

    15. I am so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful and precious little boy. I cannot imagine. Someday, you all will see him in Heaven. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.


    16. Those little girls will never forget just how real there baby brother was, my heart go’s out to you young lady and your family for you loss I pray God comforts your hearts, There is a day and a place we will all be together again with the love ones who have passed, I loss a little girl when she was born many years ago, only God can give the comfort needed for this kind of loss, you just keep holding on to The lord and your faith it will see you through,…. from a child of God, Clinton Duke.

    17. Congratulations on a beautiful Angel boy. I am sorry he was not in your arms for long but I hope that your memories of him will grow strong in your hearts forever.

      You are an amazing mother and wonderful photographer. Each photo shows how much Walter was loved in his short life on Earth. May your sweet angel open the eyes of others on how precious every child is from conception to birth. Thank you for sharing your story and baby with us.

      Thank you,

      Mother of 7 – 4 birth children, 2 angel babies, and 1 adopted daughter.

    18. I am so so sorry for your loss. what a precious baby. he is home with his heavenly father. Thank you so much for sharing.

    19. You are an amazing young woman to share such an emotional, beautiful story. It is my prayer that the loss that you and your family have suffered will not be in vein, and that hearts will be changed, because you were willing to share your precious, personal, pictures of your perfect 19 week baby. If anyone can look at those pictures and still be willing to have an abortion, something is wrong with them. I pray that your family will be blessed beyond measure, and that God will be glorified! Thank you again for this beautiful testimony.

      1. I went through the exact same thing as you did about 28 years ago. My baby boy was the same size as yours. I feel your pain and pray for you and your family to get through this.

      2. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. I lost a baby 37 years ago and I wish I had pictures like these. I still cry 37 years later!

    20. What a great testimony to the sanctity of life! God Bless you for your willingness to share!

      To the commentor Robin Lindsey and others:
      If I could interject a bit of clarity? Heaven does not have ‘another angel’…we do not become angels when we die. We should use the proper terminology: Heaven has another Saint! Our origin is with God, we belong to Him, we hope to return to Him! At death, our bodies and souls are separated. Our wills are fixed at this time, it’s either Heaven or Hell for our final destination. For an innocent child, incapable of committing sin, the outcome must surely be Heaven. Therefore: we can safely assume his soul is forever united with God in Heaven. At the Ressurrection, his body will be reunited with his soul. Peace be with you.

      1. I noted, too, how many people referred to “an angel.” This is so common but actually the precious little one is “higher” than the angels, a precious child in the loving arms of God. May God bless this family for their testimony; that it might save even one child and perhaps change the life of even one young mother.

    21. I think this took guts to share!! I get it! I’ve lost a child myself. You already love them before full term. You gave that child purpose. It was still hard. The fact that your other children were included was a huge yet difficult learning tool. Bitter sweet for them. They will always draw from that in the future. I believe that’s why you did it. I know they already love their brother too. They got to say goodbye and give him love. You made the situation as beautiful as humanly possible.


    23. I am glad you all could say goodby to him, I think that is so important. Your girls were able to see their little brother. GOD bless you all.

    24. I´m sorry for your loss, thank you to share with us this pictures and your history. I´m sure Walter is okay in the heaven and now is a beautiful angel. Take care and God Bless you!

    25. Lo lamento que hayas perdido a tu hijo, pero lo tuvieron por un momento junto a ustedes. Dios estuvo con ustedes por un buen rato, porque queria tener a ese bebe junto a los demas angelitos. Bendiciones.

      1. Lamento mucho esta pérdida pero ten fe que Dios está contigo, a lo mejor necesitaba otro angelito en el cielo y por eso se llevó el tuyo. Yo se que es muy difícil pasar por esta situación yo personalmente estuve embarazada cuatro veces dos fueron eutopicos y ya estaba muy ilusionada cuando tuvieron que extraérmelos, después del primero me tocó colocarme en tratamiento para volver a quedar en embarazo, fue cuando nació mi hermosa hija qu hoy tienen 16 años, luego vino el otro y posteriormente otro embarazo normal, Dios me premió con esta parejita de hermosos hijos muy bendecidos pero aunque no tuve la oportunidad de conocer a los que perdí cuando los recuerdo siento nostalgia. Te llevaré en mis oraciones y sigue adelante Dios te bendiga.

    26. …esto es realmente hermoso, es extraño, poco común pero digno de admirar, Dios es realmente grande y magnifico, y sus creaciones son igualmente grandes, muchas gracias por compartir tu historia, mucha fuerza y puedo decirte que tu bebe con su pequeño cuerpo dejo una huella muy grande en este mundo. bendiciones

    27. I am Alvaro from Tierra del Fuego Patagonia Argentina, and i found incredible this miracle of life, this perfectness of the creation. i encourage you and your family to keep smiling to life showing the world that it is worth it.
      we are working on defending life not matter the age, unfortunatly there are people that doesent know how it happensor what is happening during the firts weeks of pregnency, so i find your example full of life and love.
      whith you,

    28. I´m from Portugal and i think the same thing, like Robin Lindsey:
      – I am so sorry for your loss. Such a sad story. Heaven has another Angel. Appreciate the moments spent with your son. What a beautiful family. Take care. Paula Gaspar

    29. Lexi,
      I have no doubt that your son and my son will be waiting on us when we arrive in heaven. What a glorious day that will be! God bless you!

    30. I am very sorry for your loss. May God bless you and your family during this hard time of your lives. 😦


    32. I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost mine at 12 weeks. I don’t know I had a boy or a girl, but the baby was mine. My miscarriage nearly killed me. I just wanted to die and be with my baby. My other 2 girls kept me going. About a year later, I gave birth to my son. He truly saved me and brought me out of a horrible depression I just couldn’t shake. When people ask me how many kids I have I often say 4, but one is an angel baby. Losing my baby was one of the worst experiences in my life. I was not able to have a “service” for the baby. My baby was sent to some lab for “testing”. I was not given the choice. I would have had the baby cremated and I’d still have the ashes. The baby will forever live in my memory and I will be reunited with him or her in heaven someday. I wanted to mention that I had a really BAD experience with the ER as well. The OB staff was wonderful. They truly seemed to care about me and the pain I was suffering.

    33. I am so sorry for your loss. Around 1977 I lost a little boy in my 5th month of pregnancy. I never even got to hold him or see him or name him legally. His name would have been Jeremy Nicholas. I will get to see him and hold him when we meet in heaven one glad day! God Bless you and your family.


    35. This just sucks!!! (I have a friend that told me that would make her feel better to hear this.) Thank You for sharing, it took real courage to share this story. Now if more people will just read and realize that they are not just a clump of cells. He would have been a beautiful baby. Maybe his purpose in life was to be an example!!! You will have more.

    36. I am so very sorry for your loss he was a beautiful baby your story hit me hard ,life is a blessing and should always be cherished and I agree that the nurses and doctor in the E.R. should be every ashamed of themselves how selfish of them . You took very amazing photos of your sweet baby boy I’m so sorry that this happened to you and your family ,he will be a beautiful Angel in heaven shining down upon u and yours I cant imagine the pain and hurt your feeling . A mother and babies bond is an amazing blessing my heart and prayers go out to you and your family. This is an amazing story and very heartfelt. My thoughts and prayers may God bless you always .

    37. Thank you for your courage to share your hearts and love for your sweet baby boy, Walter Joshua. His precious life will touch the hearts of many. Blessings and healing to each one of you.

      1. Si esta sesión fotografica te da asco, no necesitas ver los. Estas fotos son unos recuerdos para la familia de sus momentos con su hijo. Son, también, una recordatorio al mundo que la vida comienza en loa concepción. Miré, has dicho que el es un embrión sin terminar formarse…pero, en las fotos no puedo ver ninguna parte que esta sin forma ni mal formado. El es perfecto aunque nacido demasiado temprano. (translation…if these photos are disgusting to you then you do not need to view them. These photos are a memory for the family of their brief moments with their son. They are also a reminder that life begins at conception. You said that the pictures show an unformed embryo…but, in these fotos I can not see anything unformed or poorly formed. He is perfect, just born too early.)

      2. Lexi – if you choose not to post my reply I will not feel bad, I just wanted to be sure that you know that the spanish poster was being very negative. You and your family do not deserve any negativity for this. What you did was absolutely beautiful and something you can cherish forever.

      3. Thank you! I have been using google translate to read these comments, but I’m sure that I have missed some things. I appreciate your help in this. Unfortunately this doesn’t tell me where the post was located, so now I’ll have to go back through and find your posts. Thank you for looking out for our family. God Bless!

    38. i am so sorry for your loss, but one good thing came out of this article and i will share this with as many people that i can. this is the fact of how formed and viable a baby is at this 19 weeks. i no longer support abortion at this age and hardly know when a cell becomes a baby. i am so shocked at my ignorance as to the development of a baby. i will no longer look on as an observer. i will become an active informational type of person and share this as an example of life, the life of a baby. a real baby. so sorry for your loss and thank you for changing my mind about babies. love your hearts barbara

    39. Thank you for me how precious a life is. My husband watched this together with me and your pictures has touched us. Now that I am older I have regrets for aborting my children when then I did not know any better. I have asked the Lord forgiveness and that one day I will be with them. I know there is a God and healing you will have. In Jesus name amen. Once again thank you for sharing

    40. Even now, almost 3 years later…your story is being heard! This is very heartbreaking and I am too a mother who lost a baby under different circumstances, but it was still a wanted child! God is using your child to make a difference in this cold, dark world. I pray for peace in your heart and know that God loves you and is always listening. Be strong! xoxoxo
      Michelle D. in Florida

  2. I’m speechless. Thank you for sharing such an intimate story. No one knows until they experience what you have been through. So thankful in your belief in our heavenly father caring for Walter. He is in a better place than we are You would be so proud of Josh and how he handled the wedding under such stress. God was with him…I know he had to be.

  3. Many prayers to your family. I couldn’t imagine, being a mother of 2, what you’re going through. But how wonderful you’re sharing your story to touch other lives. I can’t seem to stop crying after reading this. I had to tell you how wonderful I think you are, and how sorry I am for your loss! Bless you and your family!

    1. I’ve been totally shocked by these photos which, in my opinion, are one of the more beautiful things I can imagine. I do really value your bravery, since the love for the little baby has lead you to share these incredible photos which will make us understand your situation a little better. RIP. Greetings from Spain.

  4. Walter was my grandfathers name too. And I have shared your story with others who I think it would help. Still praying for you and your family including your precious baby boy, Lexi.

  5. Love you for sharing your life with us and God will always use our experiences in life for His Glory. Only 2 more weeks and I will be able to hug you, Josh and the girls…

  6. Ah bless you your hubby and your .little girls your baby is now an angel in gods garden your a very strong person and thank you for sharing your story god bless you all

  7. God’s blessings to you and your family just know that the Lord only takes the best and the good thing is when you get to heaven this precious baby will be there waiting on you all. Much love to you all…Dorothy E. McCoy

  8. My prayers are with your family, I also lost my little girl in 1988 I was around 18 weeks when my little Amanda was delivered, the nurse was so uncaring, she didn’t even want me to hold her. She also put her in a jar of water right in front of me. And I was devastated, I can not fathom how people think that babies are a blob of tissue.

    1. I to went through this , very very sad my son was also 19 weeks but I am so glad to say i went on to have a son that was born at 24 weeks that survived with no issues, then another son born at 30 weeks again with no issues. What is meant to be cannot be changed. Good Luck!

  9. I am praying for you and your family in your time of sorrow. My family has been through a similar loss and it is very hard.
    Your pictures and story will keep Walter’s memory safe.
    It is very important to take care of each other through this time.
    Love and Prayers to you.

  10. I am so sorry for your loss, reading this as brang tears to my eyes. You are an inspiration to people, and he is one beautiful angel. Thinking of you and your family. My sister lost a baby, and it is well and truly a deveratateing experience. I think you are very brave for sharing your story. Thank you.

  11. You soon is absolutely beautiful!! Im so sorry for ur loss!! Hits home for me i my self lost my son at 4mnths of pregnancy in 2011!! Ill be praying for comfort for you and ur family!!

  12. I am very sorry for the loss of your beautiful son. I too believe he is in heaven with the Lord who created him and has brought him into his kingdom. May God bless you and your family.

  13. Sorry to hear off your loss..heaven has gained a beautiful little angel..its very nice to see use got lovely little photos..such a lovely family..thanks.for sharing your story with us..take care and best off luck for the future..

  14. I am so deeply sorry for ur bby boy.not going tp lie this story made me cry and the whole time reading ur story made me change my mind about so many things.i am so blessd to have my daughter she is about to b 3yrs old always wanted a bby sibiling me n my selfish thoughts never wanted kids again…now i see it diffrently if god sends me from above a lovely gift an a blessing i will so very proud be happy to be blessed with another bby.

  15. Thank you so much for sharing. This story is so touching and the pictures are an immeasurable treasure for you all. My husband and I lost our baby, Ross, after going into labor at the exact same time as you in July, 2002. A cerclage was attempted and labor was stopped for 4 days while I stayed in the Labor and Delivery area of the hospital. We had used fertility measures to conceive him, as well, which even adds to the loss, as you well know. I pray that you find peace and strength in the coming days. Please feel free to contact me anytime. My heart goes out to you!!

    1. Your family is beautiful!! You are truly blessed to have an amazing group of friends, and a multitude of women who understand your pain. I have never had the pleasure of being pregnant, nor will I. But thankfully my husband and I are parents to a beautiful girl via adoption. My prayer is your story will inspire women who are not ready to become parents- to unselfishly allow that baby a chance to have a beautiful life & make people like myself parents. Please do not forget your husband, often times we fail to realize how hard it is for them. Please keep your marriage strong and show love everyday….life is indeed sacred & often times to short.

  16. I sit here reading your story with tears pouring down my cheeks, 2 yrs ago I went through almost the exact same thing at the same stage…. Just when you think you have healed you will hear someone elses story and the pain and emotion will all come back (maybe that will never change)But I believe it is part of the healing journey! And I am thankful that we have the hope in Christ to meet our angels in glory! Praise God!!! Thank you for sharing- Prayers going up for you today and in the days ahead.

  17. I am so sorry for your loss. This story brought tears to my eyes. God has plans for you and your family.

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss I know how it feels I have been there …. I pray the Lord give you peace in your heart and enjoy your memories you have of your son I didn’t get that chance . Take care and God Bless you and your beautiful family.

  18. I know saying sorry for your loss will never take the pain away that you are feeling, but I truly am so sorry for your loss. He was & is a beautiful baby and one day you will be joined with him again. Don’t give up hopes on conceiving another child, as god works miracles in the darkest of times. Keep your head up, you have two beautiful daughters that need your love. 🙂

  19. So sorry for ur loss! He was a beautiful baby! My daughter and stepdaughter both suffered a loss of a baby last yr. Separate reasons each. My daughter was also 19 weeks with Our baby Oliver. Exactly what happened to u happened to her. Oliver was with us like 10in. My stepdaughters Daughter Angel’s heart stopped beating at 20 weeks. So she had to be induced. Sad to say that I lost 2 grandbabies within 2 months exactly. They both are pregnant again and happy that my daughter is 23 weeks and progressingvery good. My stepdaughter just found out . Maybe Walter, Oliver, and Angel are now friends in Playing in the Clouds with other Angels. God bless you and thanks for sharing ur story with all of us.

  20. This is such a heart wrenching story!! I read it all & couldn’t help but cry..My heart goes out to you & your family!! The pictures are so precious!! I don’t see how anybody can intentionally hurt a baby..I am so sorry for ya’lls loss!! Thank you for sharing your story!!

  21. So sorry for your loss, your story so telling and touching. I pray it impacts others as well. Isaiah 61:3 and provide for those who grieve in Zion– to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor.

  22. Thank you for sharing your story. I continue to ask God to comfort your family and use this story to draw people to Himself.

  23. I am deeply sorry for your loss. I lost my first born (son) at 22wks and 2days. It was very devastating for me, the nurses and doctors seemed not to care, even asked if I wanted to bury my child or donate to science. Of course I chose burial, he is living in Heaven with Hus grand parents and great grand parents! Many blessings to you and your family God Bless!

  24. Sorry for your loss of your baby boy I have never felt this kind of hurt for someone else he is your very own blessing my thoughts are with you’s all 😦 x

  25. So sorry for ur loss, but glad u got to hold him for a little while. I guess God had bigger plans for ur son than any of us could imagine, maybe this blog of awareness was the reason he was sent to u. No one has the right to play God here on Earth, He gives us his children (Not just a fetus) for a while to help us grow, love, & have something to look forward to. God couldn’t have picked anyone better to have given little Walter to, thank u for sharing your story with us, and I pray God blesses u with all the happiness n the world because it appears u and ur family are way more than deserving. God Bless u all.

  26. I’m so sorry for your loss, I lost two babies back in 2004. My first on January 13, 2004 baby Miguel I was 22 weeks and 3 days and although we know we are in labor we want to hold on as much as we can I remember feeling him coming ready to come out and I did not want to push I didn’t want to I really wanted to keep my son it is so devastating a parent’s worst nightmare. My dad passed shortly on March 25, 2004 he lived in Mexico no one told me he was ill because i had gone through my son’s passing and when they did he was already very ill I did not get to see my dad before or after he passed. I had already gone through so much pain and once again the worst happened I miscarried my second baby on October 12, 2004 at about 12-13 weeks although to them it was only a fetus to me it was my baby although I did not know the gender the baby still my angel. The doctors told me i could try again about three months after but i decided to wait a year to let my body rest. I thought it would be best and I did but to my surprise I found out I was pregnant on October 12, 2005 that same day I miscarried I could not believe it! With my third pregnancy I had a threatened abortion at about 12 weeks I started spotting and with light cramping on my way to the ER all I could think was not again and I remember telling my husband if I loose my baby I am going to kill myself it was hard to say but I was in pain they did an ultrasound and I saw his heartbeat I was relieved the doctor ordered me complete bed rest for three days and now my baby is 7 years he was born on June 14, 2006 I nursed my son did not have a period and when he was eight months I found out I was pregnant my son was born 5 weeks early on November 30, 2007 God had blessed me after all my pain. I knew that two babies was enough at least at that time and had the IUD inserted after my six week postpartum check up. On June 2010 I went to the doctor because I was worried because I was very exact and I had missed a period they did a urine test and told me I was 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant my jaw dropped I could not believe it because of the IUD the doctor told me to not get my hopes up because it could be an ectopic pregnancy but God is almighty that he blessed me with my third boy. My baby was born on February 4, 2011. I am giving my story here because there could be someone that is grieving and by reading your story and my story they can understand that it is not their fault but it is rather what our Lord wants for us and f it didn’t happen now he always has more blessings to come. Thank you so much for sharing your story your girls will help you both with the healing process you are lucky to have them. GOD BLESS!

  27. Amazing story!! And even more amazing to see!!! How great is Our God!!! How can anyone even entertain the thought of an abortion…..blows my mind!!! This is just a glimpse of what a true miracle a child is!! God works in mysterious ways…and uses people we never could imagine!! Your beautiful, perfect child WILL touch so many people’s heart–imagine the lives that will be saved from his brief appearance on this earth!!! Imagine the mothers minds that will be changed from seeing his perfect little body!!! It blows my mind!!! I never knew a child was so perfect at just 19 weeks!!! I bet you had no idea you’d give birth to a little Hero!! I’ll definitely be sharing his amazing story!! I know this is a hard time for your family, but I thank you for your courage to share his amazing story with us!! ❤We will be praying for you and your family. And I hope these words will help you find peace and some light in this dark time!!❤ Much love from my family to yours!!!

  28. Although I had a different outcome, I can relate to your beautiful but sorrowful experience. I was prepared to welcome our child (we also didn’t know what we were having at the time) at 19 weeks. My water fully ruptured on December 5, 2008. I was hospitalized in November with placenta previa but was told it should move up into the correct position in time. Our son wasn’t a viable pregnancy. The doctors told us, I wasn’t until 24 weeks. We live in Northern Kentucky and the hospital explained I would be taken by squad to Cincinnati, OH IF a hospital would even take me. UC accepted us. However, they advised us to terminate. Explained I would become septic and die. They explained nature would take place and I would go into labor and deliver in 24 hours. When that didn’t happen, they again advised us to terminate via induction. They explained the process and what our child would look like. They explained NO interventions would be taken to save our child. It could take up to 4 hours for his tiny heart to stop and we could hold him etc during this time. We were beside ourselves. How could this happen? We already had 3 other children.
    I refused the induction. I couldn’t do it. Our son was still alive in me. He couldn’t move due to no measurable fluid but he had a heartbeat and I Knew he was in there. I was released from the hospital. Once again, they reminded us I didn’t have a viable pregnancy until 24 weeks. I went back to the doctor a few days later. Still no measurable fluid. I was put on antibiotics so I wouldn’t become septic. At 23 weeks, I started bleeding. I was taken to UC where I was left in a waiting room. Filled with other patients, I sat in a wheelchair and my husband and I cried and cried. Blood was on my hands due to touching my pants which were covered. A nurse came out after my husband went to find someone to help me. Her response was, “we were working on another patient trying to save her baby. She is a viable pregnancy”. WHAT?????? I started crying uncontrollably! How could they say this to me???? I was again accepted but only for an overnight stay. When I again didn’t go into labor and refused an induction, I was released.

    I made it!!! 24 weeks!! I called my doctor. I was then admitted as a viable pregnancy!!!! Two days after being admitted, my placenta abrupted 30%. I was alone when it happened. I was rushed up the hallway, desperately trying to call my husband to get here. I was taken to a room outside the OR. My husband was finally with me. They got the bleeding to stop. I kept blowing IV’s so it was decided I would need a PICC line. They removed it 3 days later and another one was put in. However, they misplaced it and it created a blood clot (not caught for 2 days). I was taken to surgery and one was placed in my neck without anesthsia.

    At 29 weeks, I could no longer stay pregnant. My blood level had dropped to 6. I had a blood clot in the arm and uterus. We both were dying. At 11p I was induced. At 8:53a I delivered our miracle 2# 3oz 15in baby boy. We lost him several times over the next few months but he was a fighter. William is 4 years old now.

    My experience changed who I am. A peace came over me through all this. I am a very blessed mommy to 4 children and I live my life accordingly.

    May Walter’s angel wings always surround and comfort you and your family.

    1. My heart goes out to you. I too lost a son at birth. I was 8 1/2 months but I had found out @ 6 months my Jeremy would not survive. I wish I had taken pictures of my beautiful son.Cherish these pictures and he will remain alive in your heart and soul. He was beautiful. May God bless and be with you during this heartbreaking time.
      Robin Altrock
      Batavia Ohio

    2. I am amazed at your strength to tell your story to the world. It is important to keep Walter’s memory alive and to fight a good fight. When I was viewing your sons’ pictures online, my 2 1/2 year old son pointed to the screen and said “baby”. Now if my son can recognize a baby when he sees one, (who is 2 years old), how come the powers that be can’t recognize your unborn children younger than 20 weeks as babies. Prayers go out to you and your family.

  29. Such a touching story I’m so sorry for your loss your baby boy is beautiful. Good for you for sharing your story it’s so beautiful and so brave. Sending my love xxxx

  30. i am so sorry for your loss. as i read your story i cried bc i feel as though if they would have treated you urgently as they should every pregnant woman no matter how far she is some could have been done to keep him in your womb a lil longer. i will pray for your family he was such a precious angel.

  31. i am so sorry for your loss . A very similar thing happend to my brother and i know that he is in heaven now playing with Walter.

  32. This is a beautiful, yet heart-wrenching story. I am so happy that you are using your loss to try and help others. I believe that from the time of conception, their is life in the womb; a precious baby. God bless you and your family.

  33. How brave you all are, your son is beautiful, he knowss he is loved and wil be an angle looking down on you and his sisters. Bless you all, hugs x

  34. So sorry for your loss! And I’m so sorry about how the ER nurses treated you. I’m a nurse and it makes me sad to hear stories of when nurses weren’t going out of their way to be kind. I’m thankful that you had supportive nurses, though, when you needed it most. I’m praying for continued healing of your family. Your precious Walter is in heaven and like you said, he didn’t experience the hurt and pain of this world; he only knows the perfect love of our Heavenly Father. And one day, you’ll all be sharing in that together. Praying for you and thank you for sharing your story with us.

  35. I’m so sorry for your devastating loss. God bless your family, and may your angel baby watch over his mama, daddy, and sisters. ❤

  36. I am so sorry you lost your precious little boy. I honestly couldn’t imagine what your all going through. I don’t believe in abortion and think its discusting that people can abort even further in their pregnancy. All babies are little people even when they are 6weeks. I had a scan at 6weeks and could see my sons head and knees and his little heart beat! I am truly saddened by your story and give you hope and love towards your future. Xx

  37. I am truly sorry for your loss. Your story is very touching and your inspiration to take these pictures of your beautiful Walter will inspire many. May God bless your family.

  38. May God continue to be with you and your family at this time the healing process is so hard I have the same pics of my son born at 20 week ..Sad they didn’t reconize my sons perfectly formed body the beating of his heart, his tiny hands I was all alone when I went to the hospital 20 yrs ago all they could say was there was nothing they could do ..didn’t even try just handed me my baby for a short bonding time then took him away …I never seen him again..Days later after lots of hospital drugs signing of papers apparently I donated my babys organs I never really knew what happened all I have is to pics the nurses gave me..I will and have never fully healed from this.But I have faith an know one day I will see my baby boy again..Thanks for sharing your pics brought back a beautiful memory..

  39. I am so sorry for ur loss. May the good lord keep him always and grant u and your family peace in your heart. And know that he is soaring thru the clouds with all of the angels. Sending you and your family love from me and my family.

  40. I think that God will use your story for his purpose . I think God has given you boldness that surpasses all understading to be able to go through this and be able to touch other lives with ur story. Thank God for the moment you got to share with this precious child and what kind of impact it will leave in others LIVES to. Amen God is so Good……..

  41. I’m reading your wonderful story and this has taken me back to my own. January 13, 37 years ago we had our little boy at 26 weeks. I never got to hold him. I was so sick I couldn’t even go to the funeral. I do have a picture. God I know so needed him more than we did. With all the prayers and support, we saw this as a special journey that God chose us to take. We will see him again one day, because we are both children of our Lord Jesus Christ. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family thru this hard time, but remember that you are never alone. Precious family, thanks for sharing your story and pictures for all the world to see that Walter was a child not a fetus. May everyone see this story and truly be touched. Maybe some would seek Jesus as their personal Savior, so their eternal life would be sealed and Heaven bound. May God bless you and your family. Stay strong and lean on the Everlasting Arms of JESUS.

  42. What a beautiful angel x
    I’m so glad you got time to spend with him and they didn’t just whisk him away from you x
    I’m in love with these pictures x
    I lost my 1st at 11 weeks and when I saw them I cud tell all the body’s parts, head, arms, legs, body…face, that was hard to view, to know your son was only 8 weeks older and was so much bigger is amazing x
    I see my angel as a blessing and always will x I hope you continue to keep his memory alive

    My heart goes out to you xxx

  43. I’m so sorry for your loss! You have a beautiful family. God has another angle looking down !

  44. Absolutely heartbreaking 😥 I’m in tears but thank you for sharing your story and your precious pictures. He is absolutely perfect, it’s amazing to see.
    I’m so sorry for your tragic loss

    Love & hugs

    Halifax England xx

  45. You’re in my prayers. Little Walter is one of God’s great miracles and in his short life has been and will be a testimony of God’s great love.

  46. I am soo sorry for your loss :c
    He’s so precious!! These photos made me tear up a bit and happy inside because I can see you guys love him a lot.
    He would of been in such a loving family ❤

  47. I know what you went through my first son was born at 19 1/2 wks also I had went for a routine check up to check on him and to see if we can find out what we were having when they couldn’t find the heart beat. I was rushed to the ER and my Dr at that time said if I want to be admitted or if I want I can go haave him at home. I stayed in the hospital my baby was born dead. This happened in 2004 since then we have tried conceiving but nothing now I am glad to say after trying so long I am soon to meet my daughter on 28th of July. I’ll say one thing but I was already at the point to divorce my husband and let him find someone who can give him kids as I was told I couldn’t conceive kids since the Dr said I had Polycystic ovarion syndrome. I feel your pain I know what it feels like and I am glad I could share this with someone who has gone through the same thing I did. God bless you..

  48. Thank you for sharing. The law sucks. Walter was truly a child. I pray that you never have experience another loss like this. God bless.

  49. I dont know what to say other than the fact that I am completely and utterly heartbroken for you I am currently 36 weeks pregnant and I cant imagine the pain you are going through and my heart really does go out to you and your family at this horrific time he is in a better place now and god only takes those of great value I know these words will probably not give you much comfort but I do send your way my deepest condolences

    Thinking of you at this difficult time

    1. My heart is full of sorrow for your loss, It is clear that life begins at conception. End of story, I had our daughter after 7 long years of infertility and 5 surgeries and a million proceedures, When she was 3 years old I lost a little son at 14 weeks, I had been on my feet too much doing our daughters 3rd. birthday party and never sat down all day lond, I started spotting that night,, my Dr. finally called in some progesterone suposotories to stop the labor from comming on, but it didn’t work and I ended up loosing him and having a DNC also. It took 7 more years to get pregnant with our son Louis but with IUI artificial insem. sortof back in 1990. He had a twin that died in uturo, so I carried Louis full term. I tried Invitro several times and have seen cells form into a little heartbeat and the start of life, I know that they are little people from the start, no dought, I saw under a microsrope and know that life start then. It took me 17 years to have two children, our daughter is now a mother of a 18 months old and I am the proudest grandmother, and my son Louis is 23 now, So motherhood ment the world to me, it took years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to achieve our goals as parents, but we did it. The pain never goes away, what I did when pregnant with Louis was progesterone injections for the first 3 months to hold the pregnancy. My fertility specialist here in Chicago knew what to do, I would have never lost the one baby had I had support with progesterone. You see, the anti pregnancy pill or the morning after pill or what ever they call it these days is an Anti-progesterone pill that make the support of the progesterone go away so the fetus falls out and comes unglued from the walls of the uterus. I am pro life, God gives us miracles and we need to take care of his miracles. I hope you have the best support in the future and you and your family get what you need to fulfill your life. Hugs Linda

      1. I am so sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine losing a child, especially after yearning for one for so long. Even so, your statements about the morning after pill are simply not true. the morning after pill is not “anti-progesterone”, it is in fact a pill containing high levels of of synthetic progesterone. It also in no way makes “the fetus fall out and come unglued from the walls of the uterus”. It actually stops the ovulation process, preventing the sperm and egg from ever meeting in the fallopian tubes.

  50. I lost a little boy at 18 weeks in 2008. I was devastated. I had two little girls older than him and have since had 2 more little girls. I am
    Praying for you as you make this journey no parent should have to. I am so sorry for the loss of your baby. He was beautiful and perfectly formed.

  51. OMG i am so sorry for your loss he was perfect in all ways and beautiful…god bless you and your family… grandson was delivered at 26 weeks because my daughters niece jumped into her stomach…..he was born at 2 lbs 3 ozs he was also beautiful with lots and lots of prayers i think god he pulled through he is now 13 mths old and weighs 20 lbs he is my world…….dont give up sweety god will see to you and your family….your beautiful family will grow again…..please keep us updated on how you and your family are doin…….your story is beautiful and very touching it will touch many many lives ….god bless you both and your baby girls

  52. I am soo sori for you lose. He is so perfect and knows he is much loved!! And is a beautiful little angel now. Thinking of you and your family.

  53. Heartbreaking. My heart breaks for you. A baby is a baby upon conception. May god watch over you and your family.

  54. I am so sorry for your loss .i cant even begin to imagine the pain you all are feeling .he is such a precious and delicate little thing and im sure where ever he is he is blessed to of had u for a mother for the short period of his life on this earth.thankyou for sharing your story and no matter what anyone tells you he was a person and he was your child .god bless you all xx

  55. What a beautiful little baby. So brave of u to show something so personal. I think it was a really love thing to see and people should really appreciate that u shared such a emotional part of your life. I’m 22 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby and I honestly think it’s a beautiful thing to see.. Thank you for sharing with everyone

  56. I held a little one at 19 weeks and fought the same battles with staff. We had a few beautiful souls that understood. I had to fight to be able to bury her. Sign horrible forms about not taking her home. She was, to them, nothing and I could not handle that. I made them each call her by name. I took photos. They are much like yours. You are a brave soul.

  57. Am soo sorry about your loss ,my prayers will be sent for you family♡ he is in a better place in heaven with God, god Bless your family.

  58. I am so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful son! I think these pics that you have captured of him give an entirely new and amazing perspective of what a little human being looks like at this stage! It’s true some states will abort up to 23 weeks. 24 weeks is the cut off bc babies are viable for life on their own at that point! I can not imagine your feelings right now. My loss happened at 6 weeks and that was hard enough! My prayers are with you and your family!

  59. Hi there sorry to hear of your loss, I also went through this 7 years ago, we lost our little girl Taylor. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with in my life.. I still think about her and wonder what she would have like.. All I can say is time is a healer x all the best xx

  60. So sorry for your loss, my sister went through something similar so I can understand what you and your family went through. Your precious little Angel will be with my nephew Shaun, he will be looked after. God bless you all! Xx

  61. I’m so touched by this I hope u carry this memory with u and ur daughters understand 1day my thoughts and prayers r with u and ur loved 1’s

  62. I am so sorry for your loss. The exact same thing happened to me except I didn’t even get to hold my baby the nurse keep telling me to look away an she grabbed him up and left the room with in minutes I only got to see him from a distance he was so little I wanted to hold him and see him and she said it wasn’t aloud because I was not 20 weeks by just a few days

  63. I lost my twin boys at 14 1/2 weeks they were perfectly developed and beautiful. I still think about them everyday ! I even had people tell me that it was selfish of me to have a graveside service and waste money on a stone! But I needed my closer ! My heart cries for you because I have also had to share the heavy burden of the loss of children. Stay strong! You’re family is in my thoughts!

    1. Mae, The people who told you it was selfish to have a graveside service, and that it was foolish to waste money on a stone were the selfish ones. Your loss was monumental. Your children mattered then, and they matter now. I am pausing now and praying for you. I pray that you will find the serenity to let go of the hurt these unkind people caused you. They had no right to do so, and no right to cause you any more pain–don’t allow them to do so by hanging onto any anger or bitterness. May you know the strength that God can and does give to His children. Open your heart to Him and let Him heal you, Sweetie.

  64. I’m soooo sorry for your “Earthly” loss but “Heaven” gain! I went through full term. I lost my first child, Johnna Marie. Beautiful baby girl! Well be with them in Heaven one day & our WHOLE family will be together again…!!! Amen & GOD Bless You & Your Family! 🙏

  65. Such a heartfelt story couldn’t imagine what you or your family have went through such an absoloutle strong woman you are

  66. Thank you so much for providing an insight into your world. Im 16 weeks pregnant and reading this just made me appreciate everything so much more, my friend had an abortion just a few weeks ago and her attitude was one of ‘its just a bunch of cells’ i wish i could have shown her this before she went through with it because it breaks my heart that she did. You are incredibly brave to share something like this, but have touched my heart forever! you are one amazing, inspirational woman!

  67. I am so sorry for your loss, this has brought so many years to my eyes. I’m sure Walter is a beautiful angel watching over you and his family. Love to you all xx

  68. I know your pain. I was 5 months pregnant and I lost my little girl. She was a still birth. It will be 2 years ago on July 15th. One thing that I regret is that I never got to hold her. I couldn’t bring myself to hold her. But now my husband and I have a beautiful little girl. She will be 1 year old in August

  69. Thank you for sharing your son with us. It gave me the opportunity to talk to my kids about abortion. They didn’t know what that meant. Now they do. They think Baby Walter is so cute. I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t even imagine what you are going through. Praying for you and your family!

  70. Thank you for Sharing your story. I am so sorry for your loss and I Pray God continue to bless you and your family.

  71. I know your pain. With our first child I started having complication at 19 weeks as well. But God did spare me the pain of loosing him. He is now 7 years old. Between him and is sister I did have 2 miscarriages. I see that you already have two beautiful girls. My God continue to bless you and your family. Children are a blessing from God.

  72. My heart breaks for your family with the loss of Walter. I went through a similar situation, except I had a placental abruption and lost my baby at 2 days shy of 19 weeks after trying for 5 long years to conceive her. Words will not help but the power of prayer will ease the pain somewhat. I will be praying for your beautiful family to heal. Keep your faith strong because all things are possible with God.

  73. This feature left me absolutely speechless. I’m researching the “medicalization” of childbirth in the 21st century, and this story gave me a thousand reasons to keep learning. I am so sorry that you ever had to deal with anyone who didn’t treat you or your family with the respect that you deserve during such a time. What speaks most strongly is how you reacted to the situation – you shared a gift with all of us when you posted the pictures of your beautiful little son, Walter. God be with you.

  74. I know what your going through. I lost my 1st daughter to sids at the precious age of 2 months and 21 days. Its gonna be a rocky road, but keep your faith strong in the lord and he will see you through it. My advice is the first year is the hardest. You will wonder what he would be doing or look like. Always wishing to hold them in your arms. Wanting to hear his first word. The holidays are the worst. I just cried through the all. God bless you and you are in my prayers.

  75. Im so sory for ur loss the picturs of ur baby boy r so beautiful I bawld when I saw them. I was so scared when I went in to early labor with my 1st son I was 31 weeks he was 2lbs 12ozs he almost didnt make it now its been 3 years im 33 weeks with our 2nd son and ur pictures moved me I kno ur son is n heaven and I hope u can feel peace 4 ur son when ur done greaving he was a blessing even tho he wasnt here long

  76. This is absolutely beautiful and put me in tears. I’m so sorry for your loss. I will be praying for you and your family. Little Walter is now in heaven with our Father, may he rest in peace.

  77. Wow…after reading this I cried. I am so sorry for your loss. No one can understand what you went through and it must of been terrible. But he is with our Lord and will be greatly taken care of. My prayers are to him as well as the entire family. Going through the pictures made me smile. Most mothers are not able to hold their children if their like that.

  78. Thank you so much for sharing your story. 33 years I too was 19 weeks and lost my daughter I was not given the option of seeing her or the option of a funeral they just took her away and yes I too was treated in the er. It is a sorrow that I will never get over and I miss her every day. Your story brought back so much for me but I can gladly say that I now have 2 grown sons and a beautiful 18 month old grand daughter who I spoil to no end. Thank you again for sharing. May you always be blessed.

  79. So so touched by this story. Never experiened something like your story but have had an early misscarriage which was hard enough to deal with. Your strength is inspiring & shows you can get through even the hardest times that life shows you. I adore your photos they show a beautiful little boy that the heavens can now enjoy!! This story makes me even more thankful than i already am for my little girl. Wish you & your family all the happiness in the world xxx

  80. Was a heartbreaking story same happend 2 me at 15 but them pictures what a beauitful little baby 😦 so sad rip baba xxxzzzz

  81. Thank you sharing your precious baby with us. My heart sorrows with you.
    He’ll be waiting for you as will my husband and two of our children when WE reach Heaven. Be blessed in your sorrow knowing he is with Jesus.

  82. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures. If it even changes one persons perception of when a baby is considered a baby then you’ve made a huge difference. God bless you and your family!!

  83. Even those two precious little girls knew they were holding a gift from God, a child, the son of their mother and father, their brother! I defy ANYONE who has the capacity to use common sense, intellect, and wisdom to convince them otherwise!!!!
    What a beautiful story and testament of faith and belief!
    If only the world could understand what your two sweet daughters already know!
    God Bless

  84. I am so sorry for your loss. Everyone has a purpose and as sad as it is Walter will be a witness to save. I lost my baby at 15 weeks. The pain is unbearable. I am praying for your comfort.

  85. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story and your beautiful son. I can’t imagine what you are going through. Momma hearts should not have to go through things like this. Praying for our Father’s peace and favor over your family. Walter is absolutely beautiful. With much love, Kelly G.

  86. Thank you for your boldness in sharing your love story with Walter. The fact that you can give God the glory in the midst of such pain is a true testimony of what faith is. Thank you for trying to save other lives through the life you lost. Seems like that is what God did with His son as well! Like you I have a baby (don’t know whether it is a boy or girl) waiting for me in heaven. Looking forward to the day we can be together with our baby and yours in our eternal home! May the Lord continue to wrap His arms of comfort around you and give you peace.

  87. Thank you for sharing your story, my husband and I lost twins, I was only 8 weeks along, but I saw those two heart beats on the monitors, they were our babies, I lost them a month apart from each other, they were twins so we knew they belonged together, together in heaven one day we will meet them both. God has 4 of my children, his little angels. Till we meet again I love you.

  88. Thank you for sharing these precious pictures of your little angel!! Pictures like these should be “must-see” for anyone considering an abortion!! God bless your sweet family!!

  89. I’m so sorry about your lose. These pictures are beautiful as I’d your family. I’m still crying from your story. I’ve had 3 pregnancies but only 2 babies my first was a miscarriage. I was 20 when my oldest son I have with me was born at 29 weeks and I know he could very easily not be with me today, my heart breaks for you so much I’m not sure what would have happened had I lost him. My youngest son was born 4 weeks early but totally healthy thankfully. You are such a strong person to have gone through all this. You will be in my prayers. And you’re son is beautiful.

  90. Thank you so much for sharing the photos I have learned a lot from your touching story! May god bless y’all and watch over y’all!! Thank you very much for sharing!

  91. God bless you and your family always. This brings back so many memories of when I lost my 2nd son on September 27th 2000. I was about as far along as you were. I will never forget that day. Our precious boys are friends for life in no better place to be, Heaven with Jesus. I’m here if you ever need to talk.

  92. Thank you so much for showing and sharing ure beauty full baby with us, I’m pregnant 8 weeks and for 3 weeks of that I have been in total agony what to do weather to keep him/her or abort ( I’m not in a great position for children at the moment) but you have put my life into perspective, I can love this baby and “get by” so that’s enough now for me, I’m keeping this baby I’m carring and I’m going to treasure him/her for eternity, I’m so sorry for ure loss but I thank you so much for the pics and confidence and hope I gained from them xxxxx

    1. Kirsty,

      I am so incredibly excited that you have made this decision! I shared with my friends your decision and you have many many people rejoicing and paying for you. Please know that I will be praying hard for you as you walk this road and that The Lord will provide your every need. Thank you for choosing life! Please email me if you ever need some encouragement. Give that baby an extra big hug and kiss for me when he/she gets here. God bless! Lexi

      1. Lexi,
        God is going to use your story and these amazing pictures to turn more mothers around, choosing life instead of abortion. The world hides the truth from us and abortion seems to be a quick and easy solution. However, every story of abortion I have ever heard came at high price. And both the parents had to deal with issues of not being able to forgive themselves. These beautiful pictures of Walter tell quite another story to the “just a fetus” lie. Walter is fearfully and wonderfully made. Formed with amazing detail and care at 19 weeks and 3 days. So Lexi, I want to bless you and your family with a story of hope, beauty from ashes. That the Lord would cause every place your feet go to prosper. That Walter’s short life and story would turn the hearts of the parents back to their children. And that you would be minister’s of life to those who have a death sentence looming over them. In Jesus Name. Thank you for sharing your story and the your pictures that speak volumes. God Bless you, Jody

      2. Lexi,
        I am praying for you and your family as you go through this difficult time. I praise God that a precious life has been saved because of you and your family’s tremendous faith and willingness to share something so private and difficult with the world! I pray that many others will view your blog and see how beautifully formed your baby was at 19 weeks and choose to save their baby’s life instead of choosing abortion! I am praying that God will continue to give you and your family peace and comfort as you go through this difficult time!

    2. I will be praying for you! Your baby is not a mistake…God wanted him or her to be on this earth! I will pray for provision for you and your baby! I am very glad this story has helped you change your mind about abortion! God bless you and your precious little one!

    3. Kirsty Praise God you see the gift that is inside of you. Remember too there is the choice of adoption. You give your child life and someone a child they can not have themselves. Adoption is often very open these days and you would get to choose the adoptive family and how much contact with your child you would like, from nothing to maybe letters and pictures or even an active Aunt/Uncle role. I will say If you choose to keep your child will be the hardest job you have ever done in your life and you will sacrifice a lot but you will never regret it.

      1. I am so very sorry about your beautiful and perfect baby boy…I went thru this at 16 weeks when a visit to the OB found no movement along with no heartbeat during an U/S…Hardest thing ever is to lose a child and my heart goes out to anyone that has.
        May the good Lord hold you close. I wish you peace in knowing that your baby rests in the arms of Jesus and that you will see your sweet Walter again one day ♥

  93. So sorry for your loss .
    He is a gorgeous baby & is now in heaven with all the angels ♥
    I know the pain you are experiencing , I also lost my daughter when I was 26 weeks pregnant♥
    May your son rest in peace ♡♡♡

  94. I’m so so sorry for your loss, it’s absolutely amazing how you had the strength to take pictures and share with the world. Your son is absolutely beautiful, your were blessed with such a short time with him by I’m sure he knows how much his mummy loved him.

    He only picks the best to be his angel babies in the sky, xxx

  95. I am so sorry for your loss. I went through this three times one at 16 weeks then 20 then 23 weeks. Its a pain that no one understands until the go theought it. Thank you for you amazing story, and I admire yiur strength. Your little angel ir probably right now with my little angels enjoying them selves. Thank you again and again I am sorry for your loss.

  96. This made me cry, my best friend had a story pretty much the same but the Er sent her home. While at home gave birth to a baby. When I was told my heart broke n still does she would’ve now be in her teens. My heart n prayers go out to u n her family. Im truly praying for u guys.
    may god be with you all during these painful times.
    And im sorry about ur loss,
    Lady sadness

  97. This is so sad….I cried…because I have been through a loss of my own my son was born at 37 weeks and he had a heart problem and he was in NICU for a week and home with me for 4 weeks and he passed away in the bed with me….its very heart breaking loosing a baby and no one understands unless they have been through. Bless you all its very tough

  98. Dearest Lexi, Joshua, Michayla & Emma,

    I’m very sorry for the loss of your son and brother Walter. May you find comfort to know so many care and share your loss.

    Though many of us have had similar experiences, we do NOT know what you are feeling, thinking or experiencing because we all come from different life experiences.

    After the loss of our son the thing I learned that was most helpful to me was that we all grieve differently and that doesn’t make another’s grief less or more, just different.

    Holy Creator thank you for creating Walter Joshua in Your image and breathing life into him. Thank your for appointing the very caring and efficient OB and funeral home staff. We praise you in the midst of this loss for this family that they are using their loss for good. Empower Joshua & Lexi to answer Michayla’s questions to a level of her understanding, Father if Joshua & Lexi’s questions can’t be answered, increase their Faith, draw them closer to each other and especially to You. Lastly we ask you God to guide and direct our efforts from empty words and gestures to actions to help this family heal in Your perfect time. I will praise You in this storm!
    In Jesus’ name, amen.

    1. Amen to that, I feel very sorry for theories of your gorgeous little boy, we each have our own challenges and this shouldn’t have to be one of them I am sure the Lord had a plan when he took your little boy

  99. I lost my baby boy daniel at 21 weeks in the uk and it will be 7 years ago this December anf not a day goes by that I wonder what he would be doing like you I also have two older children and my middle one took it hard. I now have another boy who is 5 and I really do think he has apart of Daniel inside him as he has so much love to give. In the uk if you are under 22weeks they class your loss as a miscarriage. And you cant get all the help that you need. It is hard and I really wished I had the photos likeypu have, I have two Photos of Daniel, his blanket that he was wrapped in and a teddy bear. Hugs to you all xx

  100. I am so very sorry for your loss. In 2010, I was in a car accident. I was ejected from the vehicle and I was 24 weeks pregnant with a little girl. When, I arrived at the ER, they told me they thought ahe was fine, her heart beat was in the 150’s. Then, when they brought the ultrasound in, they started to panic. I was rushed into the OR for an emergency C-section. My little girl, Trinity Evelyn, was born at 10:34 in the morning. Twenty minutes later, she passed away. By the time, I was able to hold her, she was already gone. I was only given a few minutes to hold my beautiful girl. And because of the trauma of the car accident, my memory is very fuzzy. After I had some time to recover, we had a burial ceremony and she was given a grave stone. I was never given a birth certificate. only a “fetal” death certificate because she never breathed on her own. I may not know your exact pain, but I can empathise with your story. Thank you for sharing, your hope and strength helps my own. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

  101. Hugs to you…and thank you for giving us a visual to us of just how perfect and wonderfully we are created…term babies are precious but most of us never see the hidden wonder of one so small. It is wonderful to see that you shared this time as a family. God will fill your void, he will not leave you comfortless.

  102. This is a very touching and close to my heart…we also lost a precious baby boy, my beautiful nephew Oliver James. He was about the same age and was very much a baby and not a fetus to us. I thank you for sharing your story and photos of you angel with the world…letting people see that these are children and should be protected. Thank you & god bless!

  103. Thank you for being so brave and sharing your story. I lost my baby at 3 months, and it was a very similar experience. I had contractions for a couple of hours in the ER, and eventually the baby came out while I was in the bathroom. I was able to see my baby for a short period of time…and the baby looked so much like Walter. I decided to not be told the sex because I felt it would be harder for me to cope with. It was actually really comforting to see these pictures and know that someone knows EXACTLY what I went through. It was horrible. God bless you and thank you again!

  104. I just wanted to say you are so brave for publishing your story I’m so sorry for your loss my thoughts and prayers go out to u and ur family. I’ve never seen anything like that in my life so perfectly formed and soo tiny. Hope u are keeping well. Xxx

  105. Such a beautiful story and family. God bless you, your family and your perfect baby boy. So greatful that you find peace in the Lord. So greatful that you shared your story…. I have never taken my son for granted, but I will be sure to kiss him extra tonight.

  106. so sorry for your loss. The pictures you took are so nice its amazing to see what a baby looks like at 19weeks. Im so happy you got to take all those pictures and share Walter with your girls they will be so thankful to you when there of luck in the future xx

  107. I am so sorry for your loss. I too lost a child at 19 weeks 5 days. I am happy that you have the memories of your son. We took pictures of our daughter and they are a great comfort 5 years later. We will pray for you and your family as you continue to walk down this difficult path.


  109. so precious and very much a baby in my eyes the day you read the positive sign on your test that says your pregnant, he will live on in heaven as I believe my 3 heaven babys do, beautiful pictures so delicate and amazing, what a remarkable lady you are and I think this will help so many mummys of all kinds xx

  110. What a truly heartbreaking story. You’re such an inspirational person and family to share everything that happened. Reading through it and then looking at the pictures my heart sank and I sobbed my eyes out. I recently discovered I’m pregnant with my second child and at no point have I considered terminating but my family are trying to put a lot of pressure on me to do so (they will NOT win) I just hope they see your story and feel ashamed of themselves. In my opinion a life is a life from the word go! Thank you for sharing your story. I hope you heal in time xx

  111. My heart goes out to u and your family you are so brave and amazing your girls are very lucky and your little Walter would b so proud of u iv just found out I’m pregnant and can’t imagine what u went through I hope you and your family are well and all the best for your future love to u from Kent England xx

  112. Thank you for sharing your beautiful baby boy with me and everyone else. I am very sorry for your loss. You have a beautiful family and it is a great honor for me to you share your son with your daughters. They will always remember there brother. My daughter was 1 when I had an eptopic pregnancy and she still remembers 8 years later mommy had another baby. They pictures are a true treasure for you and your family. You have been truely blessed to hold him and be with him for the short time you had God bless you and your family.

  113. I am so terribly sorry for your loss. It must be very hard. Thank you for sharing your story with us, eventhough many who read it don’t know you. But I’m sure one day you all will be together in Heaven and that wil be joy above all. Till that time he’ll be watching over you from above and know you loved and love him very much, he’ll help you when you most need it.

  114. Im so sorry for ur loss i have 5 children of my own n cant imagine what u r gping though. I think u and ur family r amazing for sharing ur story n photos of ur precious baby boy. R.I.P little man thoughts r with u all xx

  115. I am crying right now. Thank you for showing us this beautiful story I am so sorry for your loss I well be praying for your family and you have two wonderful girls that loves u very much :)) your son well always be in your heart.

  116. Thank you for sharing your story !!! I cried the whole way through ,I’m so very sorry for your loss 😦 but I thank you for sharing your personal story and I applaude you for making sure your family was able to see him, remember and show the world how much you loved your son!!! I’m sure this is a very tough time for your family but know that your littlest Angel is looking down on you lovingly for he knows he was well loved !!!

  117. Your son was so absolutely perfect and beautiful! I also am glad you captured his story in photos to share and remember. May the Lord wrap his loving arms around you at this time and hold you close. God bless you!

  118. I too, miscarried three times. I never got to see my babies. I am so sorry for your loss. I DID have a beautiful daughter after the first miscarriage and two more beautiful girls after the last two miscarriages. There is hope.

  119. I am very sorry for your families loss. I went into labor following an emergency appendectomy when I was 22 weeks. I feel your pain and hope that you find comfort in knowing you are not alone. Thoughts and prayers

  120. In my military career I’ve seen a lot of death and I guess you can get unfeeling for it. Your story and pictures changed that for this tough 71 year old Army Officer, it made me pretty teary eyed. I am sorry for your loss.

  121. Oh Lexi, You are such a beautiful strong women. I am truly sorry for your loss and I think and pray for you and Josh and your girls all the time. Walter is such a precious little baby and I thank you for sharing this.

  122. I believe a baby is a baby front the moment of conception, i have been blessed with 2 beautiful sons but also suffered a miscarriage inbetween, u r truly an inspiration and hope this helps other women that sadly have to experience this sad time xx rip baby boy xxxx

  123. Actually had me in tears such a lovely thing for you to share. Sorry for your loss. A loss of a child no matter how far it has developed is one of the hardest thing to have to suffer. I also think house photos you took are the most beautiful thing ever. X

  124. Im sorry for your loss He’s beautiful so precious and tiny and it’s nice that your daughters got to hold there baby brother my heart goes out to u all xx

  125. Thank you for sharing, your son is perfect, I am so sorry for your loss…. God bless you and your family.

  126. May I just say how beautiful your son is and how sorry I am for your loss. My husband and I lost our a baby 4 months ago. This was my second miscarriage, I also am blessed with a wonderful son and daughter who bring us joy each day. Thank you for being brave enough to share your story. Miscarriage is still a subject people don’t want to discuss. Most people say hurtful things without realising. People find it hard to understand how you can grieve for someone you never really knew, but boy do you grieve. You will be in my prayers. Xx

  127. Hi Lexi,first of all im so sorry for your loss.i really felt so sad while reading your reminded me about my experience almost 15 yrs ago also when i nearly lost my eldest son same way as you did but the only difference was my very so kind and caring OB fixed the problem as quick as she could so my baby won’t be delivered by himself.i was 6 months pregnant at that time and the problem started few days after my appendectomy.One morning i felt some pain and something hot gushed out of me as if my water broke so i was rushed to the hospital.At that time my OB even warned me first thing that it if he was really to come out the thing is he is to be delivered so at that time as a preliminary option she injected me something to prevent my baby coming out then i had tobe in the hispital for 3 weeks on strict complete bed rest that i am not even allowed to go to the toilet so ifi needed one i had to do it in my was a torture for me really lying in bed fir that long but because i wanted my baby to be alive and that i loved him so much that torture was nothing to me.And by God’s love and help my baby was not delivered stillborn.Infact he is 14 yrs old now.Im sure you have questions about what happened to you but the Lord has a purpose why did this happened.I am so thankful for sharing yourstory and Walter’s pics.I had to see his pics over and over again as he is so gorgeous.Even though he is physically gone im sure he hasn’t left you and your family at all as he will be your Angel now always there to protect and guide you.I pray that you will have more courage on this sad moment of your life and praying too that you will be strong enough to overcome it.Take care and God bless you and your family.

  128. Thank you for sharing your experience with others. Hopefully it will make someone appreciate the miracle of life they have been blessed with. You are amazing and I don’t think you will ever regret having those photos. Nothing can ever change the fact that he was here with you…no matter how short the time was. Love and prayers to you and your family.

  129. What an amazing and strong family. Through the world of Facebook I found your incredible story from the other side of the world in Scotland. I couldn’t help but cry reading this and it will stay with me for the rest of my life. Thank you for sharing and reminding me how precious my children are. I wish you and your family all the love in the world. The most striking and incredible photos that I have ever seen. Thank you again ♥

  130. What a beautiful little boy, he is in a better place now and one day you’ll see him again, for now he’s looking down on your all and smiling. What an inspirational story. God bless xx

  131. What a beautiful baby boy. Your strength to share your story is admirable. My thoughts are with you and your family, your little angel will watch over you all until you meet again and spend an eternity together. I’m sure he’s proud of his Mummy.

  132. I cryed when reading your story,lots of memories as i myself lost a baby at 22 weeks, god bless you and your family ❤ xx

  133. May God be with you. I cant begin to imagine the torment and pain you feel for your loss, but always always remember that he may not be here with u in person but definitely with you in spirit. The love you hve for him is unexplainable and he for you the same. Be blessed and remember God is love. You are a strong woman and have a strong family.
    im so sorry for your loss ill keep you guys in my prayers.

  134. Thank you for sharing this story. You are so strong. This is the kind of reality check that humanity needs; as you said, in some countries, babies at the same stage as Walter could be aborted. It’s so wrong. I’ve been against abortion since I was 10, after seeing a picture of a small foetus. Babies are still babies, no matter how big or small, active or not, they are all someone’s perfect little angel – as Walter is.

    I wish you well.

    20, Bristol, England.

  135. This is so beautiful. We never know why these things happen, but we have to rely on God in these times; He is magnificent and is taking such good care of your son. The beautiful love that you talked about during such a horrifying experience shows God and His wonderful love so much. I am praying for you all and thank you for sharing and using this experience to glorify God.

  136. What beautiful photographs and memories of your baby boy, yes they did reduce me to tears and so so sorry for your loss, but not tears of sadness strangely. Wishing all the best o you an your family ❤

  137. You are so brave, your baby is beautiful. So sorry for your loss but he’s with the angels now and perfectly happy. Rest in paradise little man. My love and thoughts are with you always. Xx

  138. Your so brave!!! My baby was 31weeks and that was hard enough your such a insperation!! Sat here crying my eyes out what a wounderfull little boy he is! R.I.P little man such a brave boy thinking about you are your family xxx

  139. I am So sorry for your loss…. its amazing how perfectly formed your baby was… I have never seen pictures like this before and I don’t think many others have either. Thank you for sharing them u are all very brave. Laws need to change, I understand the word viable and understand the meaning and as a mother of 3 it makes me very upset. Your lil baby was perfectly formed, fetus and non viable is just medical terminally. I wish all your family all the love in the world and the strength to stay strong. I hope this goes viral and maybe your beautiful lil Walter can change this world.. keep us all posted as I and I sure thousands of others would live to support u and follow your progress… u are all a true insperation.. x x x

  140. Omg! This story is so so heartbreaking I had to read it from start to finish I cannot imagine the emotions u went through and the pain and heartbreak you must have suffered I am with you through all this as I have suffered two miscarriages but my babies I only managed to carry to eight weeks each time I manages to get a real good scan photo of the first one and even at only eight weeks it is a very visible baby with features! Not just a foetus ! This was my first pregnancy and such a shock because I haf been trying unsucessfully for 10 years. I really cannot imagine the emotional pain you have had to go through labour at 19 weeks I dont know how I would cope! My thoughts are with you at this such sad time r.i.p.little boy and look after my two angels for me god bless xxxxxxxxx

  141. Im very sorry for you loss. The laws should be changed to give babies like little Walter a chance. so glad you shared your story..xx sending you all a hug

  142. I’m so sorry for your loss! I can’t imagine what you are going through as a parent! God bless your baby boy and you and your family!

  143. I am so very sorry for your great loss. And yes one day you will be reunited never to part again. May God hold ypu close and ease your pain……..

  144. Thank you for sharing your experiences, and of course the pictures – there is always beauty in everything in the world.. and your son no matter what happened – is a beautiful soul in and out 🙂 i wish you well!

  145. Thank you for sharing your story… Your heart… Your love for your family… and the Trust and confidence you have in your Heavenly Father! My life is forever changed by your words and photos…May the God of all comfort continue to fill you with perfect peace!

  146. I am so sorry for your loss xThank you for sharing your touching story and beautiful pictures . Best of luck for the future may time heal your pain x

  147. Your story has brought a very close personal tear to my eye. What a beautiful little baby you have. Myself and my husband have recently been through something very similar. The only difference being that our little angel wouldn’t have made it! She was only 20 weeks gestation but time doesn’t matter, from when that little 1 is inside you, he or she is yours, it doesn’t matter what form, it is your child! Your so strong to be able to share your story. We take peace in knowing that our little princess is now in safe hands and can not be hurt! I hope you stay strong and look after you and yours. Love to your family xx

  148. Thank you for sharing your story. Don’t let anyone every make you feel like these pictures are anything but beautiful and incredible. It is so important for you to share the story of your son’s life, it will be so healing for you to hear similar stories. My daughter was born at 24 weeks, and she did make it. She’s now a healthy 19 month old. I had labor pains at 19 weeks and no one at the hospital was concerned for me in any way, I had also only had one ultrasound, no blood tests, no measurements or blood pressure taken. My doctor was a religious zealot who didn’t want to take care of someone that was unwed. Luckily a high risk doctor delivered her when my liver and kidneys began to fail, and I was diagnosed with HELLP syndrome. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m praying for your family.

  149. Thank you for sharing. How precious and timely. Just met a couple who lost their first babies (twins) at 14 wks. Just yesterday, they requested their bodies be given them from the hospital after her d&c. They want to bury their children with a ceremony. I’ll share this with them to help them in their grief, memory of two lives in God’s presence and hope for a future family. I wish the funeral director they spoke with was as compassionate as your’s. This young new mom was told to unwrap her babies and determine whether they had bones or not because cremation may or may not be approved. She wishes she’d never unwrapped them 😦 Your photos are beautiful, tender and powerful. Pray for her and her husband. Blessings to you.

  150. I saw your photos and felt compelled to comment… First, I am so sorry for your loss. There is nothing worse than losing a child.
    Second I am so glad that you decided on photos! You will be able to keep them forever to remember him by. You see, I too lost a baby at 31 weeks along. Oddly enough I was in the doctors office the week before he passed and everything was fine. To say that things happen for a reason would not heal the hurt- I still have a hard time and he would have been 10 years old this past June 21st. I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers!!!

  151. Thankyou for sharing, This is really such a sad story but amazing and i found really upsetting and cried all the way through this page, My heart felt so much grief for you but your angel will be with you always, my heart goes out to you all, God Bless you and you family xxx

  152. Such beautiful photos I lost my son at 17 weeks and he was also perfect I feel ur pain and I’m sorry he was taking so soon all my love xxxxxx

  153. I would like to start by saying sorry for your loss, as soon as I saw your pictures I knew exactly how you feel, I lost my son billy at 26weeks and have photos just like yours, I had my son on my own as the midwifes abandoned me and when billy entered the world it was just me and him. I called for help and when the midwives came to me they picked him and put him in a cardboard sick bowl and took him away, I then had emergency surgery and when I returned he was in a moses basket and I just wanted to take him home. I look at him every day and know he is being looked after in heaven,.

  154. I can’t even begin to know the pain you are going through. He was here for such a short time, but has impacted the lives of more people than most of us will in a lifetime. I pray that God uses this precious gift to be able to touch women that would even think of having an abortion. If his little life could save others…..

  155. Amazingly beautiful pictures. My heart feels deeply saddened for your loss. May your son rest in peace with the Angels in the sky.x

  156. You’ve really touched my heart with all your pictures, he’s so beautiful, it really is amazing that a tiny baby so premature can go through what he has, it just shows how precious our children are no matter how young or old they are x it’s so lovely that you got to hold him in your arms and it disgusts me that baby’s this premature are not classed as anything. I think he’s beautiful and he will always be special to you and everyone that has read yours and his story xx your amazing for staying strong x you have bin blessed xx

  157. You are so lucky you got to see your child. I had a miscarriage at 20 weeks and 2 days. The ER was horrible to me. They gave me nothing for pain when the doctor did a D and C. After, I asked the doctor if I could look at my baby. His response was well, you had 2 “fetuses” and they were both boys. But why do you want to see two bloody blobs? He then left carrying a plastic container that I assume my babies were in. I never got to see them but I know they are with Father. I was not given the opportunity to have them buried or anything. I am so sorry for your loss but I am glad that they let you and your family see and hold him. He is beautiful. I have to believs there

  158. I am so sorry for your loss. He is a beautiful baby. I am also sorry that you were treated so POORLY in the ER! Thank you for sharing your story & your family pics. God be with you. ❤

  159. I can not imagine how difficult that time must have been for you, but your story and every photo as touched me deeply. May you be blessed and I am also touched by your strong comfort in His care and love. My heart reached out when I read about your feelings of abandonment and loneliness in the ER. I wish you all the best for your future, and I am very sorry for your loss. May Walter rest in peace for he is truly special. I can’t find many words because I am so struck by your loss, but your story will forever be in my mind and heart. All the best to you and your family.

  160. This made me cry. When i was three months along i was hit in the stomach and the doctors kept telling me that i lost the baby but i kept saying No i don’t believe that. I kept praying that we didnt lose the baby. Another doctor came in the room and said that they’ll show that the baby didnt make it. They started to look for the heart beat and right away they found one! They said that would be mine but i started to smile and said No thats our baby! then they found out our baby made it and is totally fine. Now im 33 weeks and we’re having a beautiful baby girl! ❤ Your son is with god Watchin over you and your family. Thanks for sharing your store!

  161. I just don’t know what to say, can’t begin to imagine the pain you and your family are going through, thank you for sharing your precious pictures xx he was perfect xx

  162. Words cannot express how sorry I am for you and your family. I truly cannot imagine anything worse than losing a child. I want to thank you for sharing your story and the pictures of your beautiful son. I can only hope that someone somewhere sees them and it changes their viewpoint about life still in the womb. Your son is beautiful and I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  163. I admire your strength and courage. Your story is very evocative yet peaceful. God Bless you, little Walter, and your amazing family.

    A little flower lent not given
    To bud on earth then bloom in Heaven.

  164. Lexi really beautiful pictures of baby Walter brought me to tears you are a very strong woman I am so sorry for your loss prayers for you and your family and thank you for sharing your precious pictures such an inspiration xxxx RIP baby Walter x

  165. Lexi, you and Josh share such a beautiful gift between you. This story brought back so much pain in my heart because I to lost my baby at 20 weeks. I watched my baby remove it’s little thumb from it’s mouth and die. Your story touches my heart in so many ways, from one mother to another. The tears are hard to fight back to know what you and Josh are going through. You are a very strong lady Lexi and you know in your heart like I did in mine, God has your little angel. God Bless you and your family Lexi. Hugsssssssssss

  166. The tears that fall from my eyes right now are tremendous. Your strength is inspiring. He is a child of the heavens now and i hope he has a friend in my niece brooke who was born at 17weeks. My love goes to the mummy, daddy and proud siblings of your beautiful son. Play in the gardens of the angels my sweet

  167. So sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your story and also thank you for sharing your photos of this beautiful little angel. God bless you all xx

  168. Thanks for sharing- I too lost a baby at 19 weeks. My heart goes out to you and your family.

  169. What a brave lady. I am so sorry for your loss and I can never imagine how hard it must of been for you! Its so sad and made me cry!:((((( xxx

  170. Just want to say how brave you all are, and how beautiful your family is!! Your little baby is fully formed and NOT a foetus, it’s such a touching story and so good that you’ve put it out there for people to see!! This will hopefully show people to understand more than the doctors let on about aborting at 20weeks !! Fingers crossed people see this story and change their minds, hope the family is ok at such a sad thing to happen xxxxxx all my love and best wishes xxx

  171. Thank you for sharing this. Through your incredible pain and love many will wake up to truth and love. Your children will be voices for the unborn and I just know that little Walter’s short life truly has been one of the most powerful in the history of mankind. Your family are in my family’s prayers.

  172. Thank you for sharing this. Through your incredible pain and love many will wake up to truth and love. Your children will be voices for the unborn and I just know that little Walter’s short life truly has been one of the most powerful in the history of mankind. Your family are in my family’s prayers

  173. Tears are strolling down my face God bless you and what a handsome baby boy and doctors need to step there game up this is happening all over the world far too often and thanks for sharing your story xxxxxx

  174. I’m very sorry for your loss & you do have a beautiful family. I wish you and your family all the health, happiness & blessings. This has happened to me 3 times with my husband and I, and still no children. I can’t seem to move on, so yes it is a horrible pain, mentally and physically. I must say I admire you & your family, I’m sure it was very hard, to post something so intimate and to share Walter’s story. You all stay happy, strong and blessed. Again thank you for sharing. God is amazing.

  175. I don’t know what to say. I’ve never been one to not have the words. This is a truly touching story. Thank you for sharing all your beautiful pictures. I hope this helps to convince pen pushers that boast about political correctness, that the term baby should be used from the start. You don’t hear a pregnant mother call her child a fetous. My thoughts are with you xxx

  176. I felt my heart very heavy seeing your baby boy. I’m so sorry. I almost lost my son in 1975 due to I had a placenta previa. I was 6 and a half months pregnant when I delivered. The doctor told my husband that our son had 20 minutes to live. He weight 3 pounds and the doctor didn’t think that my baby would make it because he was small. Well I have my son and he is 37 years old. He did not have complications Thank God. He stayed in the hospital for a month until he gained weight. At 5 pounds I got to take him home and grew like a weed. I love him… God Bless you and your family.

  177. The nhs has gone horrendous 2 be honest, such a sad & touching story, deepest sympathy for you and your family! Such a cutie 2 xx cheerish the photos! R.i.p little man x

  178. Your son is a very handsome young man and I am so sorry for your tremendous loss. You and your family are in my prayers, may you be richly blessed. Thank you for sharing your tragic but beautiful story and pictures….he is perfect and you shall see him again!

  179. Your little boy was such an axing gift from God. He was so special that God just wanted Walter to be with him. I pray that you will all stay strong and the blessings of God come upon you all. Walter may be gone but he will never be forgotten. God Bless you all xx

  180. Thank you for sharing your story I to lost my baby at 20 weeks and I hated when someone would tell me well at least you didn’t bond with it I was like its a baby not an it my prayers go out to you and your family

  181. He’s so precious! Thank you for sharing your story. I’m sorry this happened to you but I’m glad you have found some peace from being able to spend some time with your baby. X

  182. I have just read ur story, and cried from start to end. You are so brave. I simply cannot find the words to say other than God Bless you all. May your beautiful boy rest in peace. Love from the U.K. XX

    1. Beatrice Sterling What a Mother you are to show your other children the meaning of love and sorrow and respect for human life.

  183. Heaven has gained a beautiful little angel, I cannot even begin to imagine what you have been through, your story has certainly touched my heart and I will say a prayer for you all and your precious little son, god bless Walter xxxxxx

  184. I am so sorry for your loss… Your son is so beautiful& perfect,
    I dont know what to say so I send you this poem.. God bless you& your family ❤ xxxx

    What Makes A Mother

    I thought of you and closed my eyes
    And prayed to God today.
    I asked what makes a Mother
    And I know I heard him say.

    A Mother has a baby
    This we know is true.
    But God, can you be a Mother
    When your baby's not with you?

    Yes, you can He replied
    With confidence in His voice
    I give many women babies
    When they leave is not their choice.

    Some I send for a lifetime
    And others for a day.
    And some I send to fill the womb
    But there's no need to stay.

    I just don't understand this, God
    I want my baby here
    He took a breath and cleared His throat
    And then I saw a tear.

    I wish I could show you
    What your child is doing today.
    If you could see your child smile
    With other children and say

    "We go to earth and learn our lessons
    Of love and life and fear.
    My Mommy loved me oh so much
    I got to come straight here.

    I feel so lucky to have a Mom
    Who had so much love for me
    I learned my lesson very quickly
    My Mommy set me free.

    I miss my Mommy oh so much
    But I visit her each day.
    When she goes to sleep
    On her pillow is where I lay.

    I stroke her hair and kiss her cheek
    And whisper in her ear
    "Mommy don't be sad today
    I'm your baby and I'm here."

    So you see my dear sweet one
    Your child is OK
    Your baby is here in My home
    And this is where He,ll stay.

    He,ll wait for you with me
    Until your lesson is through
    And on the day that you come home
    He,ll be at the gates for you.

    So now you see what makes a Mother
    It's the feeling in your heart.
    It's the love you had so much of
    Right from the very start!!!

  185. Im so sorry for your lost your son went with god knowing you and your beautiful family loved him..You are a strong women n I wish you the best. I hope your story helps other moms and families .RIP Gorgeous little baby boy..

  186. Wow! Thank you for sharing your story with us. Losing a child is never easy. I lost my daughter when she was only 23 1/2 weeks and it was the hardest thing that any mother or couple can experience. My heart goes out to you an your family. I wish that I had the opportunity to hold my daughter but I was too afraid to see her because I was afraid that if I held her I would never want to let go. You are a very brave mother and woman & I commend you in having the strength to share this story. May God bless you an your family lots of love, strength and comfort during this time in your life. Your son is in good hands and I know you will meet him again, in heaven…..

  187. God Bless his heart and soul. What a precious little boy. He is with his savior and a better place. God bless you and your family for sharing this heartbreaking story. And all tjese beautiful pictures♥

  188. I’m SO truly sorry for your loss, I truly admire you for your strength and courage for sharing your story, and the pictures of your amazing little man. My son was born prematurely but my story had a happy ending, but there were parents in the neo natal unit who weren’t as lucky as me. The thought that I nearly lost my boy crushed me, and I don’t know how I would have coped if I had have lost him. But when I read stories like yours it makes me even more grateful. You and your family truly are an inspiration to others who are, or who may ever go through what you went through. May God bless you all and may your beautiful little angel rest in peace and watch over you always. Lots of love and sympathy to you all xxxx

  189. I came across your blog as a friend liked a photo you had posted on Facebook. Little did I know how much it would touch me, I haven’t shed so many tears for a family I’ve never known before. I’m so sorry your little angel didn’t get to spend much time here with you but I love the faith you have knowing you will see him again one day and he is with our heavenly father. The photos of him are amazing and you can see he was a handsome little baby! Thank you for sharing your story and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family xx

  190. Thankyou so much for sharing your story & photos of your beautiful son, the same thing happened to me just over 14 weeks into my pregnancy & was absolutely devastating… Lots of love xx

  191. I have been in the same position I had my first son 1 day away of 20 weeks and I cherish the moment i had holding him before the funeral home came thank you for sharing your story

  192. Words can not describe what your family have been through. I really admire you for being so very brave to share your story. Such an emotional and heartbreaking situation to be in. I hope that people find comfort from your story an that it helps others that have gone through the same as you have. So sorry for your loss bless you, take care xx

  193. I went through something very similar 6 years ago. I had my son at 18 weeks. 6 years ago on Mother’s Day. I am so glad I saw this on FB. I have felt the same way in regards to him being a perfect baby, it was my body that was the problem. Thank you for sharing your story!

  194. After several attempts at reading without crying i managed to do so… i cannot believe that they would call your beautiful baby a fetus …my heart goes out to you all and im dure your storie will make people think twice about calling a baby a fetus when it clearly isnt… baby walter xxxx love to you all stoke on trent england x gb

  195. What a story. I am deeply sorry for your loss and cried my heart out at the picture with your son and your wedding rings. I am crying as I am typing. I am emotinal. You are so strong and your someone to look up too for all them mums going through the same thing. I just hope all hospitals (labour wards) are as good as that one. The staff in a&e should be sued sweetheart because something could of been done sooner to stop labour which doesn’t help in anyway with your grieving but dont see why they shouldnt pay for there lack of commitment they shown you and the hours of waiting and messing around. Weather your 20weeks or 10weeks or full on 40weeks, your carrying your child, a human being in your body and should of been looked after a lot sooner. It makes my blood boil. I am so peed off and I don’t even know you. Take care of your two strong little girls and hopefully one day you’ll be happy to try again for another precious son. God be with you all
    Love debbie and her two children in england xx
    You have my email address if you ever just want to chat to a complete stranger and say things you may not want or feel you can with people you know xx

  196. This had tears streaming down my face. I just couldnt imagine . Rest in peace little baby. ❤ i hope this story captures millions of peoples minds.

  197. I am so so sorry for your loss. I recently had a still born to my son. He was 14 weeks and society act as if he didn’t exist and as if he wasn’t a life. Hopefully you will find some comfort in knowing you aren’t alone xxx

  198. Ive just read this moving story and been in floods of tears. The pictures proper set me off such a gorgouse little baby boy!! Ur family must be extreamly close and strong to go through this.
    Ive always said once i know im pregnant thats when there is a human being, a baby inside me and when ever the midewife/nurse said fetus i always corrected them very strongly. And as soon as i found out she was a girl i wouldnt except baby it was name only 🙂 xx My thoughts are with u and u family all 5 of you xxx

  199. This is really touching, I thought I would find the photos distressing but I haven’t at all, they are beautiful. I have suffered 2 miscarriages myself and child loss is usually a sore subject with me, but your beautiful boy just looks so peaceful. Terribly sorry for your loss, you seem to be taking all positive from it which I admire. Go bless you and your lovely family x

  200. Oh my what a heart welming story you are a very brave women your story is fantastic and your pictures are amazing your son will be looking down and known he had the most amazing mother he could ask for you have lovely memories even for such a short time you are amazing i wish you all the luck in the world x

  201. My husband and I went through a similar loss. Our daughter was born sleeping at 23 weeks 5 days. We too have pictures of our precious angel. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family…

  202. May God bless you all and hold little Walter in his loving arms. I cried for you and your baby. I am so sorry to hear this. He is beautiful.

  203. I lost my son when I was 2 7 weeks 26yrs ago
    What really hurt me as they said it was aborted.there is alot more to my story.but yours is what is important
    What a beautifulson . treasured photos . Keep your strength for your children and hold him close to your heart

  204. I was really moved by your story. I think it’s so precious that you brought your daughters in to see their brother. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  205. sorry for your loss your story realy makes tears fall im expecting my first baby and i could not imagine going through what you went through, i’m due in 7 weeks and till this day I’m so scared of anything happening like this I’m going to be a teen mom sometimes i stress out too much because of my baby’s father i have so many mood swings and i feel bad every time i cant hold my tears wen i get mad or have issues with my boyfriend, i feel like im hurting my baby everytime i cry, but hearing your story is realy going to make me think twice before i let anything get me to cry, Your baby is in a better place god and your little angel will always be taking care of you and your family, take care.

  206. You are an amazingly brave woman for sharing this story and these pictures. He is fully and perfectly formed, it’s heartbreaking. Much love to you and your family x

  207. im so so sorry for your loss, your pictures are very touching and beautiful, hopefully in time they will give you some comfort, Walter in my eyes was a little person, whos family will always have a memory so spending some precious time with him, thank you for sharing your story and pictures, thinking od you and your family

  208. This story is sad! I totally agree in my eyes your child was a baby not a fetus. U seemed so brave and I couldn’t possibly of faced that. People like you are a credit to human race and it’s sickening to actually know people can abort a child at the stage your son was born, it makes it seem so much worse when you see a picture. Seems weird to see something that small and know that was inside of you especially when they grow so much in the end. Hope you and your family are dealing with this the best you can do. Glad you have found a comfort thank you for sharing your story. Story for your loss xx

  209. I am só sorry for your lose heaven has got a beauthfull Angel thank you for shareing your story i all só lost my baby boy i had him at 34 weeks he passed away at 6 weeks i never got the chance to take him home he would have been 18 this year there not a day goes bye that i dont think of him i thouth i would share my story with you só you no that i am thinking of you and your family i will ask my Angel baby to look after your little boy rip little man (( )) ***

  210. Your story has me in tears… I too lost a baby boy that weighed 8 oz at birth. July 11 th will be 39 years since heaven got my little angel. I begged and begged to see and hold my sweet baby boy. I was told NO! I always wondered what he would have looked like.. now I have an idea thanks to your beautiful pictures. You and your Family are in my thought and prayers.

  211. I am crying so hard…he is beautiful…God’s blessings on your family…i love the pics of walter with his sisters…so very special…wraps you up in a special hug…God bless you…Wendy

  212. I really wish things were so different for you and your beautiful family!! I am so glad that you know the things you know about meeting your beautiful baby boy again!! I am really glad to see that you took pictures of your adorable girls meeting there baby brother, it touches my heart deeply!! I wish you all the best of luck!!

  213. Hi what beautiful photo’s you have, same thing happened to me at around 16 weeks, i had no heartbeat at my 1st scan, the next day my son was born, i took some photo’s of him not as many as you, yours are beautiful, i was encouraged not to hold him too much, like you i had daughters (3), i didn’t want them to seee him but on the morning of his funeral i let them see him laid out as i felt they needed closeure as they were looking forward to the new arrival, it helped them and it helped them as they took turns in holding his coffen on the way to the cemitary there was only his 3 sisters and me and his dad there i wanted it like that just his small family and we buried him in the angels plot as i felt he would have company his own size and age and not left alone with a load of adults, he has shown my signs that he is around, a couple of years later i had a miscarraige and said no more i had another miscarraige before he was born, on and behold 3 years later i found myself pregnant again and when still holding on after the 16 weeks and beyond i believed it to be a girl, so now i have 4 daughters i call her my surprise baby, now four and rules the house, i’ll never forget my charlie i don’t take out his memory box much as it still hurts sfter 8 years, it get easier but still painfull, treasure your photo’s and memories, my four year old knows all about her brother and kisses his photo every day, god sent you an angel to watch over you and your family and i know my angels watches over mine everyday, god bless to you and your family and your special angel , xxxxxx

  214. I am so shocked at the treatment you received in the ER of that hospital. It was absolute lack of responsibility and care on their part. Had they transferred you to OB immediately when you arrived despite their faulty policies, perhaps the outcome would have been different. There are medications that could have been administered to stop your labor before it got to the point of no return. My opinion is that they should be held accountable for their lack of proper treatment.

    That being said, my heart and prayers go out to you and your family to help you heal after this tremendous ordeal resulting in the loss of your precious little son, Walter. As you do, I also know that he is with our Heavenly Father and your family will be reunited with him to enjoy an eternal life that is full of joy and rejoicing.. As we all await that amazing day, we can hold him in our hearts as the beautiful little baby that shared your lives, love and affection for the short time that he had with you. Thank you so much for sharing your story, your courage and love and your pictures with us.

    Love in the powerful name of our Lord and Savior Christ,

  215. Thank you for sharing your story. My heart goes out to you. I lost our 2nd baby at 11 weeks 3 days gestation and I HATED hearing our baby being referred to as a fetus. The child we lost was just as much our baby as our six year old. God did bless us with our miracle baby last November. We have 2 beautiful daughters that I thank God for daily for entrusting these precious gifts to us.
    God bless you and your family.

  216. I saw yours and Walters story posted on fb. It was heartbreaking and inspiring. Walter is a beutiful little boy and was very lucky to have a strong and loving family surrounding him when he entered this world. I like to believe that he is in the arms of the angels. Your loss is not in vain. Perhaps god needed you and walter to let the world see that even at 19 weeks there is life. Tiny little beings growing. Not a foetus but one of gods babies. By sharing your story I believe you are saving many babies from abortion. My heart goes out to you and your family. Walter has his wings and you have those few but very precious moments. Hold on to them in the dark hours. God bless you all and r.i.p little walter xxxx

  217. Amazing pictures and such sad part of life. He’s now an angel watching over his family. I wish you all strength and love x thank you for sharing your story

  218. so sorry on your loss. i sobbed at your story and your photos hes just perfect and whatever the wworld thinks hes not nothing hes a bbeautiful little baby just born to ssoon. angels will keep him safe x

  219. I know what is like to lose a child. I miscarried at 13 Wks. I didn’t get pictures or memorie. The hospital I went to treated my baby as a fetus and told me I could have another child in the future. I didn’t get to hold my baby or see him for more than ten minutes. Know your baby is in heaven and that you and ur family are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing such personal photos and know he is beautiful. May the lord bless and protect u and your beautiful family.

  220. Thankyou for sharing your story, it has completely touched me and pulled at my heart strings. You are incredibly strong for sharing your story and sharing the memories of walter. He is beautiful and now an angel looking down and protecting you both and especially his sisters.
    The er doctors and government should be ashamed of themselves, once concieved a baby is a baby, never should a precious give of life be callef a featus.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you, take care of yourselves and your beautiful little girls x

  221. As I have just read your story … The courage God gave you, His perfect peace that truly surpasses all understanding, I am weeping. I am weeping for you and your family and for our family as well! My miracle son, who is now almost 20, started trying to birth at 20 weeks! Praise God! I had to go on bed rest until 35 weeks… You know, we knew we were blessed our baby was still with us, but after looking at sweet, precious Walter…I once again shout to God!! Thank you for sharing your story and the most precious photos! May His mighty hand lead you and guide and may His perfect blessings be with you all! On His Love…Syndie

  222. Precious!! He was just perfectly formed!! So Sorry for your loss. My daughter was born at 25 weeks and it was amazing to me how people don’t know how to respond to you. Do they say, congrats! Or I’m sorry? Gods will is always best even tho it hurts so bad!! I have lost my mom, brother, sister and my son. My sister passed 2 weeks after my 24 yr old son was found dead! I cry tears with you….
    My daughter did servive, she’s a Godly young lady and called to be a missionary to India.

  223. You have a beautiful baby boy who is in a better place he is so perfect I’m so sorry for your loss. God does things for a reason and your boy is waiting for you one day ❤

  224. Wow this really touched my heart when I read it it made me sad I lost my son he was 7 weeks old after birth and its hard for me to deal with ill be praying

  225. Thank you for sharing these. We are so disconnected from the early developement of a baby. Yes we know it looks like and IS a baby but we cannot comprehend drawings the same way we can a sweet beautiful baby in his Mother’s arms. I hate to think you’ll get negative feedback so I wanted to express my love to your family. We will pray for you and will share your message.

  226. prayers give nothing, god doesnt exsist, what are your prayers gonna do the baby was never born propely, if god exsisted he would never let this happen

  227. God bless you and your strength to share your story. My heart was breaking while reading your story. We may now know God’s plan or reasoning, but maybe as a messenger for others grieving through loss. In the bible it says we “are fearfully and wonderfully made”. God bless you and your family again and thank you for sharing your story.

  228. I undetstand madylnn would have been five n aug.i was 8mths.they made me have here i had to push her out know she was come out dead.she was a big girl pretty eith black straight hair.she look like a angel gurls like your said they good byes. To ses those pic.i cried n thought about my baby.god knows she n a better place but i wish she was here with me..praying for u n the family be strong n bess my sister

  229. So brave to share this story, I hope you are able to come to peace with your loss and your time will come again to have a healthy child.

    1. I deeply regret Friend. Porla I had to fight my sons life .. matrix suffer hypoplastic and spent my two pregnancies fearing perser to my children, the first born of the second 30 weeks 34 weeks .. whenever there was an emergency thought the worst .. but it never happened …. So you give yourself the best with your beautiful daughters and have hope in life .. and have a family and per minute were Joshua’s mother … thousand blessings from Venezuela Milagro Vineyard

  230. My deepest condolences to your whole family. Walter is beautiful I’m so sorry the law let you and Walter down. I admire your bravery and will think of you often. God bless xx

  231. As I read your story tears came rolling down. I truly send my deepest and most sincerest condolences for you and your family. The pictures of your beautiful baby Walter touched my heart so deeply. How could anyone call such a perfection of God anything other than a child. Those nurses and doctors who saw you in the ER should be ashamed of their actions, I hope they get to read your story and then see if they can sleep with tranquility knowing that their indifference may have caused your precious child his life, there is a God whom we all have to answer to. May our Lord bless you and your family.

  232. Thank you for sharing your story with the world. What a tribute to Walter. I am so sorry for your loss. Perfectly formed, perfectly loved. I hope your story helps many to see how early in pregnancy babies are developed. Praying for your family.

  233. I am so sorry for the loss of little Walter to you and your family. Maybe this was his mission in his brief life to bring all this light into this world. He was a beautiful child and will be remembered forever.

    RIP to the little angel and Godbless. Xxx

  234. What beautiful photos , and amazing lessons its taught – for the ones who don’t no about babys/pregnancys and so…. Your story , is amazing and I’m sorry for your Loss x

  235. I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for telling us your story. It moved me to tears. He was perfect in every way. The pictures are beautiful. R.i.p little man. The angels will look after him and keep him safe xxxx

  236. I am 20 weeks pregnant with my third son, who I now feel like I know. I’m so thankful you shared these beautiful photos with the world, to help us appreciate what tiny miracles happen! I cannot contemplate your loss and send all my love to you all. Just know that your son is beautiful and perfect and most definitely had hid place in this world. Your story has touched my heart god bless.

  237. so sorry for your loss i cant imagine what you and your family went through this story brought a tear to my eye i wouldnt usualy comment but i felt the need to after reading this god has a greater purpose for your son i truley belive that and he hasnt taken him in vain god gave you and your family a blessing even for a short amount of time i belive everything happens for a reason and weather its through being or sprit your son was brought here to make a diffrence x

  238. Thank you for sharing. I too lost a son at 19 weeks and know your pain. I wish I would have taken pictures of him. It’s been 10 years and I wish I had pictures to be able to see him. God bless you and your family

  239. Your story truely is a amazing one. I an very sorry for your loss. But this inspires me more i am going to go to school to be a rn for the nic unit i want to be one of those nurse who make a diffrence in lives. I will keep ur family in my prayers and hope the best for yalls future

  240. You are an incredible human being! That was the absolute most saddening thing I have ever seen. Its amazing how strong and brave mothers can be, I don’t even know you; but you and your family are in my prayers. Bless you for having the courage to share your story with the world.

  241. I am so sore for what you and you family went through. I miscarried my first child a little girls at about 5 months 35years ago and still feel the lose. She didn’t quite weigh enough for a burial and I never got to see her or hold her. I had a dream about her shortly after it happened and my grand father who had passed before her was sitting in a chair holding a baby . That gave me comfort knowing that he was watching over her. It gets better but you never forget. your story brought tears to my eyes after all these years god bless you and your family.

  242. I’m so sorry for your loss. I know the pain of how hard hard it is to become pregnant is, it took me 10 years to get pregnant with my son. I also know the pain of going through something so hard with our babies, in 2010 when my son was 4 years old was air lifted to the children’s hospital and on Dec 9th he had brain surgery because of an AVM, he also lost all mobility on his left side because a vessel had burst in his brain. With all the love and prayers we did and received he pulled through everything. So sorry that you and your family had to go through this and you all will be in my prayers.

  243. I really do not know what to say to you, I can’t even begin to imagine what you are feeling, but I think you are all truly amazing people for sharing such a wonderful story, I cried reading this, bless you all

  244. These photographs are beautiful and wonderful keepsakes for your family . Thank you for sharing them and may little Walter rest in peace xxx

  245. So brave for sharing your heartbreaking story.
    How can anyone doubt that ‘fetus’s’ are human beings is beyond my comprehension. God bless you all!

  246. I’m currently 6 weeks pregnant with my 4th child. They are 9,3,2..I’m 27 yrs old n married to my highschool sweetheart. We told lots of people and some were upset because Ihave little ones still I was asked if I had thought of abortion…I’m totally against the thought but its been throu my mind these days…but seeing these pics of ur precious angel has changed my mind…I’m keeping my baby n hoping god just blesses me with one more health baby.. thanks for sharing you dont know u just saved me years of regret…

  247. I’ve been sat here reading&looking at your photos&It really has touched be I don’t think I could have pulled myself through it you are a very strong woman I respect you so much I hope you are okay now know your beautiful son is at piece up in heaven much love&respect from me..X

  248. I am so sorry for ur loss lexi u and ur family r in my thoughts and prayers. Ur babyboy is beautiful and he would of been a lucky baby to have u as a mother:) I had a friend that went thru alil of what u r going thru. I am so thankful for u sharing this wonderful moment with us! I hope the best for u and ur family be strong and don’t let anyone put u down for sharing something like this ur girls and family needs you and I’m sorry again for ur loss… sending my love to you and ur family God bless;)

  249. This is a beautiful story. Sad but beautiful. Hopefully the photos and story will help touch the hearts of some of the people who call them a fetus. You seem to be an amazing woman. Strong and a caring mother. Thank you for sharing this.

  250. When I was 18 I got pregnant everyone wanted me to have an abortion I got chicken pox when I was 3 months pregnant the dr told me to call planned parenthood to have an abortion the entire 9 months every dr told me he would be everything from retarded low birth weight missing arms and legs I made my mind up that whatever god gave me is what he wanted me to have he was born 01/23/1991 he was 9lbs 9 oz all arms legs toes and fingers he was perfect the cutest baby in the nursery the nurses wanted to steal him he is now my 22 yr old best friend sometimes I think back wondering if I would have listened to all those idiots thy are alive from the moment thy are conceived thy are our babies thy turn into our children thy are alive god bless you and I will pray for the ease of your unimaginable pain

  251. I am so sorry for your loss. Walter indeed is a perfect and lovely baby. I too recently loss my daughter early this year. Due to a genetic blood condition that my baby had I was rushed in for an emergency c-section at 30 weeks and before the surgery my docs already told my husband & I that the chances of our daughter surviving would be less than 10%. She was swelled up and had lots of complications the moment she was born. No children’s hospital wanted to take her in or try to treat her due to all of her complications the doctors kept on telling me that what she had is not suitable for life. She was a strong fighter and she fought every second against all odds, and although she was only with us for 11 days my husband & I would never forget those precious moments and memories we had with her. She was in NICU the whole time but the nurses there were very kind and helped us fix all the machines and tubes that was hooked up to her in a way that my husband and I can carry her. I got to carry her twice, saw her open her eyes a few times, & changed her diaper once before she passed away on 1/19/13. While my heart will always miss my little Isabelle I know that she’s in Heaven where she is in perfect form, without any pain or suffering. This is our second child that my husband & I have lost within 2 years while trying to start a family since we got married. I know and feel your heartache, & wish for you & your family to feel God’s peace & find comfort in Him, knowing that everything happens for a reason–and trust that God’s will is greater than ours, and He loves you & me despite of what the circumstances may be. I now wear a charm necklace with both my daughters’ name on it everyday, as that is all I have to remember them by, & to keep them close to my heart. Thanks for sharing your story, you are in my prayers.

  252. My heart feels for you I lost twins last yr, hope at 15 wks then waters broke at 17 wks due to infection and I lost Harley too. Your little boy is gorgeous heaven was missing a angel. More women should be aware of this as people don’t know how to react or what to say due to lack of knowledge. Your so brave

  253. I am so so deeply sorry for your loss, having such gorgeous pictures of your beautiful baby boys is such an amazing and precious memento of his tragically short life ! Thank you so much for sharing your story, I had a very difficult ‘miscarriage’ in the UK Just before Christmas 2009. On the 20th December I started spotting at 14 weeks so went in to be checked on the 21st. We hadn’t yet had our 12 week scan as there were no available appointments, and was very sadly told our babies heart had stopped beating. I was then told i could be booked in for a d&c but it wouldn’t be until at least the 3rd January due to no staff in that department over christmas and new year. I was booked in and told to go home and let nature take its course 😦 I was given no pain killers and was told all i would lose at this stage was a ‘clot’. The following day after a very short period of agony our baby came out into the loo. As u do I looked and saw a very tiny ‘baby’ head, body, 4x limbs with buds for hands and feet. Obviously not formed fully at this stage but very recognisable as a baby. I went into shock as it was nothing like the ‘clot’ i was told it would be, as did my husband who flushed the toilet as my 2 year old came rushing in to see what was happening. 😦
    We have absolutely nothing to keep of our ‘baby’ not even a scan photo and nowhere special to go and remember our angel (grave or where ashes would be spread)
    This is something i can not get over even though i did have a healthy bouncing boy almost a year to the date after (28th)
    So pleased that finally you and your gorgeous boy were treat with the respect that you both deserved !!!
    Absolutely gorgeous photos of your son and your family, and even though a very sad and tragic story a beautiful goodbye to your perfect angel xxxxxx

  254. So very sorry to hear your sad story, it and the photos bring back so many memories… Our little son was also perfect and born 9 June 2012 also at 19 weeks. We found out my premature labour was due to me contracting severe Group B Strep infection (not routinely tested for in the UK..) My first pregnancy was text book and we had a healthy little girl the previous year, so no cause for concern. We are now expecting another baby (a little girl) in 4 weeks time and while it has been a very worrying pregnancy we are glad we eventually found out what happened and knew what to look out for this time. Like you, we will never forget our precious little son (the only little boy on my side of the family and grandson my late dad always dreamt of) and are grateful we got to spend a short time with him. It is an extremely difficult and emotional time for you now, but I have found that time helps us to deal with what is laid before us and accept the things we cannot change in life. I hope and pray that you can think about more children if and when the time is right for you and your husband in the future. Love and best wishes to you and your little family xox

  255. My worst day in residency was when a young mom at 21 weeks or so came in to L&D dilating with bulging membranes. The ultrasound showed a happy little baby swimming around, heart beating, healthy. She, too, was in active labor and no cerclage could be placed. The baby she delivered was also perfect and cuddled with her extended family for several hours. Any, any, any doubts I had about fetus vs. baby was gone that day. My heart breaks for your family and I pray for your healing in this process and God’s blessing through this immense sadness.

  256. I think these pics are beautiful I wish I had even this amount of time with my child… I lost my Bby at 10weeks an to everyone else it’s nothing but to me this was an is my child people don’t really understand!!! I totally do an I am so glad you have shared this…. Makes me feel less alone!! X

  257. my thoughts and prayers go out to you, i can’t imagine what you’re going through, my twin neices were born on june 14th also one with a brain injury and your story has really touched me and many other people so thankyou for sharing your story and love to all of your family

  258. I want to say that I’m so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine what you n your family are going thru with d loss of your precious baby boot. I will pray for him n your family n have u in my prayers. Hang in there, though it hurts hurts just know your baby boy is in heaven with God n taking care of u guys up in heaven, God only knows why he does this.
    Thank u for sharing your story of your baby, I shared it with my daughter n makes us Love our family even more, because we don’t know how long we r going to b here.. Love, hugs n blessings to Walter up in heaven n to u n your family as well. Best wishes always

  259. Wow such a touching story, makes u realise just how lucky some of us are to have the amazing children we do have in our lives. I feel for u so much. Rip lil man such a sad moving story. Xxxx

  260. You are truly an inspiration to me! When I read your story, I couldn’t believe that someone out there shared my same story. My same grief. For the very first time I didn’t feel alone.

    I couldn’t help but notice the dates on your arm band. 6/14/2013 and 5/29/1983. These dates hold some signifacance for me.

    On Monday, June 17th 2013, one day before my 29th week, I went to my regularly scheduled ob appointment. (I had been having some blood pressure issues and my doctor was sometimes scheduling me to see him every other week if not every week. He expressed concern for my safety, but never for my baby. Whenever they used the doppler to find his heart beat, they would say he had a strong, “perfect” beat. And to me he was perfect!) So when I went to my doctors office, I had not one concern.

    While sitting on the crunchy paper, discussing blood pressure medicine with my doctor, I felt perfectly at ease. I waited paitiently to hear his perfect heartbeat. But as the doctor searched around and my Jayden wasn’t in his usual spot, he made a second circle, all I could hear was my own heartbeat, and it was beginning to increase in pace as I anxiously waited for him to find my son. It was there in the doctors face as he asked me to get dressed and meet him in the ultra sound room.

    He said nothing for what seemed an agonizing eternity… I waited and waited and still he said nothing. There was no sound in the room. Only my heart pounding violently in my chest as I waited, clutching desperately to hope that my baby was hiding from the monitors as he loved to do. And I said nothing until the silence felt like it was going to crush me. I tried to deny what this silence meant but it became painfully clear. When he finally spoke, I wished more than anything that he wouldn’t have. He told me that I was too far along to have a DNC, that I would have to deliver. He asked when was a good day for me, that we would “have to get the thing out of me with in the week.” I tried to find my voice to speak but nothing cohherent would come out.

    I did not want to have someone who called my baby a thing, to deliver me. I thought going out of town, to a more reputable hospital would have been best for my little family….. but I was very wrong.

    I checked into the hospital on Tuesday the 18th of June. My mother, also being a nurse, spoke with the admitting nurses. I could not make the words come out of my mouth. She told them that my blood pressure had hit 196 and that I was tachycardic. Also that I had “fetal demise” and that I was scheduled for this coming Thursday to deliver. They seemed nice enough, telling me how sorry they were for me. I was prepared to have to fight to get them to take me but they took me straight to a room. On the way the nurse asked if I wanted to induce my labor.

    The doctor came into meet me before I even had my gown on. Over the next 24 hours I was given many different things to induce my labor. One of them being a pill they placed on my cervix to thin it out. This particular pill is used for abortions, it disolves cells. They followed that up with pitossin. Later increasing the amount because my progress plateaued.

    When I was dialated to 4 centimeters and effaced to 90 percent, my doctor came in and said we were ready to begin delivery. My legs felt a little sluggish and heavy but I was determined to move them with out assistance. I wasn’t sure why they weren’t waiting for me to dialate more but I figured the doctor knew much more than me. So I began to push, although I had no urge. Just my family support encouraging me. Not allowing me to give up. Jayden was also breach. I was so confused during my delivery and no one made me aware of my progress. He was so tiny, I could not feel him. Everything was so confusing. I was getting so discouraged because I felt like I wasn’t doing it right. I felt like I was pushing and nothing was happening. For almost an hour this went on. Every so often I would focus on my mom, holding my leg and ask her why this was so much harder then when I had my daughter. Asking her if I could do it. Telling her I didn’t know if I was strong enough. I felt weak and useless. Everytime I sat up to bare down I could see my sisters sitting off to the side, visibly upset, hurting for me. And I wanted to be strong for them. But when I looked at the doctor he looked irritated, like I really was a failure and I was wasting his time. I was trying so hard. What I was unaware of, was I wasn’t a failure. I had pushed Jayden out, the doctor left his body hanging out of me from the neck down. The problem the whole time had been that my cervix was crushing down on his head. The doctor started talking about taking me to OR, to sedate me and open my cervix himself with his hands. Because I was fighting him unconciously while I was awake. My body didn’t like the pain, as I tried to push Jayden out, he tried to open my cervix. The two felt so conflicting. I was afraid to go to OR, afraid of what would happen. I had fought so much to not have a C-section. I was scared he would get me alone, unconcious and he would deem some medical emergency that would make it necessary.( Later my mom told me that he wouldn’t have done that because all but my baby’s head was already out.) But the fear was overwhelming. I sat up, beared down and determined as I was…. In two pushes he was born into the world, at 8:33 pm. My band said 6/19/2013 and 2/2/83

    No one told us what to expect when we saw him. I feel they could have better prepared us for how he might look. The birthing process in which my doctor delivered him, caused a lot of damage to his already changing body. It hurt to look at him because he looked as though he experienced much pain. Although my nurses and mom promised that this damage was strictly from the birthing process, it still made me hurt to see him so damaged.

    My mom found credible information telling us about why he changed that way. I knew in my heart before the information was available to me, that that was not how he was going to look. That this was a product of his body dying. But still it hurt to see. We got to keep him with us for about 12 hours before I released him to the nurse.

    It has been 8 days since I delivered my precious baby boy, seven days since they took him from me and five days since we arranged to have him cremated.

    I have felt alone with my pain and heartache. Your story meant more to me then you know! This is the first time I have shared my story, I felt inspired because of your courage and strength. I didn’t understand why people I didn’t even know would want to know my story, my son’s story. Why they would want to know my thoughts, or console me. But I do not know you. And your story has touched me in ways I do not even have words for. Thank you!

    I am so sorry for your loss! May your beautiful boy, rest in peace!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story with me. I am so incredibly sorry that the Dr was so foreceful with you and didn’t allow nature to make it’s own progress. As awful as I felt in the ER, I was extrememly blessed by the staff in the OB. I’ll be praying for you as you get through these next days, weeks, years. ❤

  261. I’m so sorry for your loss but I’m glad you posted this to show people that babies are Fully developed at this point which goes against people saying they can have abortion because its not a full/real baby at this point. God bless your family for doing such an awesome thing by sharing this!!

  262. Thankyou for sharing your most touching story and very special pictures. I was very moved. God bless xxx

  263. There’s not enough words in the world to say how I’m feeling for you and your beautiful family! Deja vu is how I see your story.. I lost my boy too just under different circumstances. He was a twin but at least I got to bring one of them home, even tho my son is ill and has several medical conditions but to lose them both would have crushed my spirit. I fought very hard through my pregnancy to stop the doctors from mentioning abortion. That word makes my skin crawl and I’m completely against it! No matter the circumstances it gives nobody the right to take a life. A baby is life! Congratulations to u and your family and God will bless you again.. he has a plan for you and would never purposely hurt you. My feelings and belief is a little different than most people because I say all the bad comes from the devil and God is the comfort that come behind his distruction.. don’t give up and keep your heart and mind focused on the lord.. thelord has a name but alot of ppl don’t agree with it so I won’t mention it! Just know that he does have a name and your lil guy is well taken care of.

  264. I read your story and cried but I must admit I was a bit unsure as to wether or not I should look at your photos of Walter. Iam so glad I did as they show him as the baby that he was and in no way at all did I look and ever think fetous. He was so so tiny yet such a perfect little baby. And now he is a perfect little angel in heaven. Hope You and your family stay strong and love.

  265. Heart breaking and heart warming all at the same time. So sorry for the loss you and your family suffered. It was nice that your girls got to meet their baby brother, if only for a short time.

  266. I am a Pastor. We are working toward a goal to have a clinic to help women to see their baby in an ultra sound. I’m impressed with your faith and love.I lost my son many years ago.I understand your loss. I am pray inf for you & your family.

  267. I went through the same experience as you and your family in baby was 21 weeks and was the same size as your beautiful little boy but back then we weren’t allowed to hold him , he was perfectly formed just the same. I was at home when it happened and my midwife came and took him away,I had no warning that it was going to happen,no pain,just needed to go to the bathroom and he just slipped out and he was already gone ,,I just sat on the floor wiith him and my husband called the midwife. It wasn’t until she had made sure I was OK and left that I started to realise what had happened. Then the tears started. So I am so pleased that you and your family were able to spend precious time and take photos with your beautiful baby boy. God bless you all my thoughts and prayers are with you all xxxxx

  268. As A Mother And Grandmother I Just Don’t Know What To Say, All I Can Say Is I’m So Very Sorry For Your Loss….. My Heart Is So Broken For You And Your Family.May God Bless And Comfort You…

  269. I am so very sorry for you loss. Our God is an awesome God and your baby is in His arms. Thank you for sharing your story.

  270. I am so sorry for your loss. I cannot even begin to imagine or try to relate. One thing i do know is that your story has already taught me so much. I had no idea that this was even possible. Life really is a miracle and im so glad you have found comfort in God. I also feel that the reaction of the OB staff knowing that this was your baby and continuously referring to Walter as a baby, restores my faith in the humanity and compassion of our medics. Once again i am sorry for your loss, but thank you very much for having the courage to share your story.

  271. What phenomenal pictures you were able to capture. He’s beautiful. You were so blessed to be able to share this with your daughters, they will never forget it. We are blessed that you shared something so precious with others. The “wound” will heal, the “scar” will never be uncomfortable to those who understand. My daughter would be turning 19 this fall. I was in my third trimester. Your beautiful pictures are so familiar to me, thank you for sharing!

  272. I am so sorry for the loss of your son. I have some idea of what you are going through. My husband and I lost our first son – he was stillborn and died during childbirth. He was 10 days overdue and weighed 8lb 10oz and died because the hospital didn’t pick up that he was in distress. We had an awful time and it took 2 years for hospital to admit negligence. We spent the day with him when he was born and took lots of pictures which are in a photo album which we look at from time to time and we have his photo in frames around the house. He would have been 10 this October. We now have a son who is 8 and daughter who is 6 and they often talk about their older brother Thomas. I wish you and your family all the best. Time is a great healer and the pain is not as raw as it was when we first lost him You will never forget your son and neither should you – he is part of your life and always will be. Love Nicola

  273. Ur story made me sad as it is I think its wonderful ur strength n the photos are beautiful..ur son was perfect n really long legs!! Gorgeous little boy xxx my thaughts are with you n thank you for sharing as I think as you said a lot if ppl think a baby is just mush or still not formed at all until bout 25/30 wks xx lots of love to you and ur family xxx

  274. Thank you so very much for sharing your story and stunning photos of you beautiful baby boy! Best wishes to you and your family!

  275. I was so moved by your story and be your bravery may Walter be giggling and playing in heaven ..I miscarried at 13and half weeks I will never get over it and people used to say things like’s for the best.? Not sure where that one comes from..!! And we’ll it wasn’t really a baby..BUT it was my baby. And I loved it from the very start and always will…god bless you and all your family I think Walter will be proud of you all…lots of love..debby..xxxxxxxxxx

  276. I am so sorry about your loss. i cried the whole time. I know the feeling i lost my son thomas at 21 weeks it was the hardest thing to do. I hope all goes well with you and your family!! Your story hurt me to read it.. it was like having my son all over again.. may god be with you and your family on these hard times.

  277. Thank you so much for sharing Walter’s story with us! I work in the Family Birthplace in my local hospital and I firmly believe a baby is a baby no matter how small… I’m sorry for the poor treatment you first received when you got to your hospital and even more sorry for the loss of your son. Prayers and love to Walter and your family.

  278. Your story is truly heartwrenching. What a horrible thing for you to have gone thru. Your an amazing woman to be able to share your story with the world And Walter is a beautiful baby. I send love and prayers toward your family and hope that you guys will be able to conceieve again. R.I.P. Walter.

  279. Hope deferred makes the heart sick: but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life. Proverbs 13:12 In 1980 my wife & I had a miscarriage and I was so depressed. Then my pastor’s wife shared this verse & I was helped. A year later, my wife & I were hit by a drunk driver: and she & our daughter were killed just prior to her birth. I too saw my baby. Your brave pictures tell the truth. Walter was and is God’s loving creation. May Divine peace draw you all into God’s loving arms as you walk towards an inevitable reunion. Peace.

  280. Thank you so much for sharing your story! I know there will be Many lives touched and healed by our Heavenly Father, because of this beautiful baby and his story! God bless you and your family!

  281. I lost my daughter Emma at 19 weeks as well. It is such a hard thing to go thru but god has blessed me in so many ways. As mothers we know what we get to look forward to when we go in gods kingdom. Him standing there welcoming us home as he has our precious babies in his arms. God be with you and your family.

  282. im so sorry to hear about ur little boy i went threw a simula stage i gave birth to my daughter at 24 weeks she passed at 6 month old so i no what you going threw if u need to chat im always free chick good luck in the future x

  283. My heart goes out to you both but u are so brave for showing pictures of your precious son i lost my baby aswel and felt no one relises how hard it is and that they are your baby from the time they are concieved. I wish you all the best for the future

  284. I am very sorry for your loss and heaven does have another angel my heart goes with you and your family , And you had a beautiful lil boy

  285. You are an amazing family! I am so sorry for your loss. Isn’t eternity such a wonderful place to meet again. I pray that your story will touch someones heart that needs to hear it. Thank you for sharing. What a beautiful baby boy!!!

  286. Im so sorry that this happened to you. I have a firm belief that things happen for a reason. I’m glad that you shared these beautiful photos of your baby and that they made it my way!!!

  287. Sitting here bawling my eyes out after reading your story. So well written and your faith is so inspiring! My heart just breaks for you and your family. I am so very sorry! I know there is nothing anyone can say or do to take your pain away. I will be praying for peace and comfort for you all. God Bless!

  288. When I saw this photo it killed me I just cyred over seeing these pictures and reading all about your son I’m so sorry I will pRay for your family 😦

  289. This is such a touching story i couldnt imagine not being abke to seemy child if this happened to me,may god always watcb over u and ur family in your time of pain and need

  290. I would just like to give my most sincere apology for your lost, Your son was a very beautiful precious little baby! I could only imagine what it would be like to go through somthing Like that! You are an amazingly strong woman as are your children and partner! I would just like to add that the second that sperm fertilized the egg, it is a baby! Some doctors can be so cold in such a delicate situation! I wish you the best of luck in your future whatever your plans may be, im sire your baby boy could feel your unconditional love undoubtedly! R.I.P sweet boy x

  291. I am so sorry for you’re lost i can’t imagine what u and family been threw u r a very strong women to share you’re story and yes you’re baby walter was beautiful and he will aways b with u he is a Angel in heaven and u will c him again again sorry for you’re Los may God bless u and you’re family an this difficult time i will keep u an my prayers. Blanca Silva

  292. Your sons life and memorie means something so special your story will defently touch someone! God bless I’m sorry for your loss!

  293. So tiny, yet so perfect. My sister in law and brother went through this. My brother and mom choose to hold the tiny baby, my sister in law did not. Thank you for sharing your story and your photos, it’s such a personal and precious thing to share.

  294. Thank you so much for sharing, although you made me cry remembering my little girl. I am so glad you took pictures and shared him with your other children. That wasn’t done 12 years ago when my precious baby was born 36 weeks stillborn and we didn’t do that. My life was never the same. It is horrible to hold you dead child in your arms. He is beautiful though.

  295. This pictures are beautiful. You can feel the love yall have for our precious baby boy in every photo. I wish the best for your family and will be praying for yall.

  296. I am crying and crying. So touching and incredible. I am so sorry for your loss! He is beautiful and perfect! May he help people see that an unborn is always a baby.

  297. I’m so sorry for your loss. Your son Walter is very beautiful and perfect. Thank you for sharing your story. Your family is in my heart and prayers.

  298. I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my baby last month at 16 weeks. I was able to hold Ariel and I also have pictures. They couldn’t tell the sex of my baby because he/she had sirenomelia. Hospital staff did everything to try and comfort us. They took pictures, gave me a memory box an album they also made a molding of Ariels hand. I couldn’t leave my baby there nor could I afford a funeral. So we decided on cremation. I have my baby’s ashes in a small heart earn here at home with me.

  299. I am a labor and delivery nurse and have had the opportunity to deliver babies just like yours many times. Bless your heart for sharing your story and pictures. Praying that you will have peace and hopefully there will be a momma that will see your story and chose life for her baby instead of abortion. Thank you and bless you and your family.

  300. Rip for your young son he is in the gates of heaven your story is a comfort to others thank you for sharing

  301. Some of the most moving pictures of a mother and child I have seen. Thank you for allowing others to see the perfectness and beauty of your sweet baby. I agree with you, he is with a loving Heavenly Father and you will see him again and I believe have the relationship of Mother & Child eternally.

  302. I am very sorry for you loss. I hope god will lead the way. Your son is in a better place God is rocking him to sleep right about now. He is in the hands of god. God is telling you that he is going to be fine. I am praying for you and you whole family. And thanks for sharing you story with us.

  303. seeing these pictures really broke my heart im so sorry for youre familys loss. only god knows why he does the things he does, youre babyboy is beautiful and i pray god gives you all the strength to deal with this horrible loss! </3

  304. I know sry will not make it better but I am. I was 6 1/2 months pregnant with my son Tyler when I lost him. I fought for his birth certificate but they told me he was ” never born”. He was born dead so technically he was never born. I lnow your pain and I also know when someone told me sry I wanted to knock them out for the longest because it made it real. I know now there really isn’t much you can say or do with such a loss.

  305. He is so precious. Just seeing the picture I want to hold him, kiss on him, and love on him. My niece was born premature and passed within hours after birth and I am so glad I was able to hold her, rock her, kiss her, and be there with her. I miss her to pieces but I know she isn’t suffering. RIP baby boy

  306. Our family feels your pain. We have been through this not once, but twice ourselves. Each one of our daughters have delivered stillborns. Exactly 1 year apart 1 day short of the same day. It’s a very, very painful experience. God Bless you and your family. Our Justin and Caleb have your Walter with them. Thank you for your story. Many people do not understand the pain.

  307. I’m so sorry for your loss. You have a lovely little boy there and it is wonderful to see that your daughters were allowed to bond with him too and that they will have those precious moments to hold onto. The tears were just flowing reading your story and seeing those lovely photos.
    My story is a bit different to yours. My daughter Jennifer-Elizabeth was stillborn at 36 weeks. She only weighed 2lb and was about the same size as Walter. During the whole pregnancy I felt that something wasn’t right and told my gynaecologist this, but he kept on dismissing it saying I was an anxious new mum and that i shouldn’t worry too much. Each time I went for a scan my due date was getting longer and longer. So instead of her being born in September they said she would be born at the end of October. Which meant that when I had an internal at 12 weeks and the Dr confirmed I was 12 weeks, I wasn’t really pregnant!!! When I confronted him after Jen was born about that, he just turned away from me.
    She will be 24 on the 8th August and every year I make her a special card that I burn at the time she was born and then I release a lighted sky lantern hoping that she will receive them as Jen was cremated, which was paid for by the hospital….some sort of admission I presume on their part.
    I got to hold her long enough for the midwife to take a polaroid photo of us. I was told later that my placenta never really worked and should of been picked up by the scans.
    She died a week after the last scan and when I went into A & E complaining of severe stomach pain after that week, I was told “Sorry but your baby is dead!” then I was let out to go home to tell my husband, who wasn’t at the hospital due to the car not working. He was furious at the lack of care and sympathy…I was only 20 at the time. I went through 7 hours of labour…it was a dry birth as the amniotic fluid got absorbed by my body…when Jen arrived she was perfect, blonde hair & deep violet eyes. The only thing that was wrong was that she was slightly purple and the outer layer of skin had started to peel a little.
    Not many people know of Jen as I like to keep her memory close to me. You and your family have very precious memories of Walter that will never leave you no matter how long you go on without him, he will be there for you all when you finally come to meet him again and raise him up to be a very fine young man who you will be proud of.
    Thankyou again for sharing those precious moments with everyone x

  308. Thank you for sharing your experience with the world!! I can’t even begin to imagine the emotional roller coaster that you and your family have just experienced… and are probably STILL experiencing! I just want to say that the pictures were absolutely touching and your story heartwarming yet heartbreaking at the same time… I could not hold back the tears! My thoughts and prayers go out to you…

    Thank you for sharing your ANGEL with us!!!!


  309. May the Lord give your beautiful family strength to go on, everything happens for a reason, unknown to the human kind.keep your faith, and you will find peace, amen

  310. I am sorry about you losing little Walter… I lost a baby at 20 weeks her name is raelyn.. I didn’t get to hold her or see her… they threw her away like she was trash and ur story brought tears to my eyes

  311. i am sorry u an your family had to endure this kind of pain. I know our LOrd does all things for a reason and sometimes those reasons are hard to see if we ever see them. I pray that you find comfort in our Lord and that He continues to bless yu and your family with arms around to to hold you up when u feel as though u cant stand by your selves. My great niece recently went through a similar thing and her and her hubby and son are grieving. It take time to heal all wounds my your and hers heal the way the Lord has intended.

  312. Thank you so much for sharing your story! I am heartbroken for your son and your family. I had a stillborn daughter when I was 17 and her presence in our lives meant so much and still does. Heaven is full of our precious angels!

  313. God Bless you and your family. Your story and faith has touched me like I’ve never felt before. Thank you for sharing your story of love and faith.

  314. What a beautiful son! He is precious beyond words. Bless you and your sweet family. I pray The Lord continues to pour out His peace and comfort to your heart.

  315. Your Walter is beautiful! God makes no mistakes and will use your angel to touch many lives. You are a strong and brave mother. Thank you for sharing your precious memories of your handsome baby boy with the world. All my love and prayers to you and your wonderful family. God bless!

  316. So very, very sorry for your loss. He is perfect, and I thank you for sharing your heartbreaking but beautiful story.

  317. I read your story and my heart aches for you and your family. I have lost 3 babies. I totally understand your anger/frustration/sadness. You and your family will be in my thoughts.

  318. I’m so sorry for everything you’ve been through. you and your family are in my prayers. I am crying like a big baby. my son was born at 29 weeks and wasn’t much bigger than yours.

  319. I am so very sorry for your loss.Thank you so much for sharing your story and the pictures of your sweet little angel.

  320. I am so sorry for ur loss. I understand how u feel with all my heart. I too lost my son I was 18 wks. He was my 2 pregnancy. My first I had a early misscarage. Taylor Ray had anachaly his brain didn’t form and didn’t have a skull bone. when we found out the doctor told me he had no chance of survival. the doctor could not tell me why this had happened. When I went to the hospital and they induced me it took 18 hrs and 3 pushes to bring Taylor into world. He was 4 1/2 in kind and weight 8 oz. He loved for 18 min.

  321. You don’t know me but this is such a moving story, very wonderful! So sorry for your loss! Beautiful baby!! Sent all the way from Shrewsbury:) hope you are okay xxxxx

  322. I am very sorry for your loss. I know exactly what you are going through. 11 years ago, march 18, 2002 my water broke and I was only 19 wks and a few days. The ER did the same crap to me. I also delivered a 17in, 2.5lb baby boy. I allowed the hospital to do generic testing so that his life (the way I help cope) was not wasted and could possibly help another woman/ mother avoid this tradgety. I didn’t have any previous complications and my DR kept telling me they couldn’t give me a reason why it happened. I have since had two more children. Please continue to have faith and you to will have another full term beautiful baby. May god bless you and ur family

  323. What a special gift God allowed your family to have, although it was not the way you all had planned it. Praise our Heavenly Father that he has made himself so evident to you all. Thank u so much for sharing your Walter with the rest of us, your opportunity to be a witness is unmeasurable !!! God bless you and please keep sharing your blessing as, with you permission, I would also like to share.

  324. I don’t know if you will read this as so many have posted, but I want to thank you for your candor and courage to make this public. I lost a child at 15 weeks and understand some of what you went through. The experience remains a tender spot for me, but I too have faith in God’s plan and have comfort knowing I will see my baby again, and trust that her mission here was accomplished. I hope your photos help the world understand that although babies aren’t developed enough to live outside they womb at 19 weeks, they are fully formed and beautiful (researching this I found they are fully developed as young as 8-10 weeks along). My heart breaks for your loss, I pray for your comfort and hope that the comments we send lift you in some way. I am so grateful that I happened upon your blog, because I believe your sharing this will change the way people treat their pregnancy and the pre-born. Thank you and God Bless you and your wonderful family.

  325. I read your story and looked at your pictures. I really feel your pain and send my deepest sympathy. My grandson Rylon was born January 8,2013 and was due June 14,2013. He weighed 3.2 oz and was 6 in long and perfectly formed in every way. We had a grave side bureal service to put him at rest. I keep my pictures by my bed in a photo book all of his own and look at them all the time.

  326. A side note, I’m sorry you were told there was a cut off period for you to go to ER or Labor and Delivery. (20 weeks) Because of a previous miscarriage, I was told to ALWAYS go to Labor and Delivery if any problems were pregnancy related. The ER is not equipped to handle the complications regarding pregnancy, and in my experience they aren’t emotionally equipped to help the patient cope either. I’m so glad your delivery experience was under the care of such a compassionate and loving group.

  327. wow thank you for letting us know your sweet little boy , although it was such a short time. ..what a wonderful thing for you to do…Yes he was a little child…not a fetus. or a blob… I wish he could have stayed awhile longer…but he did what he was to do. Let others know that he is a little baby. That is alive and has a heart and a soul. Thank you sincerely…It is my prayer that you and your family will heal from your enormous loss.. God bless you and your family…

  328. I am almost qualified as a midwife in the UK. Reading your story and seeing the photographs of your beautiful son really touched my heart, thank you so much for sharing them. I have not seen such an early baby before and you have educated me to just how perfect they are. I wanted you to know that your story has changed my perceptions and improved the care I give to women as their midwife. I am so sorry for your loss. Wishing you and your family strength love and happiness. x

  329. Thank you for sharing your story and pictures of your precious baby boy. May God bless you and your family!

  330. May you feel God’s arms around you as you adjust to new circumstances! I can so relate to your feeling of emptiness just now, as we also just lost a dear little daughter born on June 19 at 23 weeks gestation. She was born at Meritus Hospital in Hagerstown, after we didn’t get a heartbeat at my drs. appointment the day before. She, too, was so perfectly formed!! Isn’t it a comfort and blessing to know we will get to see our little one’s again someday in Heaven?!!

  331. I myself have 2 angels. Hunter born at 19 week’s in July 2006, and River born at 17 week’s in July 2012. I fully believe that both of my sons were babies, children, people! Not fetuses or blobs of cells! I feel for the pain that you and your family feel through this hard time. I would never wish such a thing on my worst enemy. You are in my prayers.

  332. I am so sorry for your loss, and I thank you for sharing your story with the world. I feel blessed to have read it. Walter is beautiful, and my heart is heavy for you and your family.

  333. Thank you for your bravery in posting these personal and beautiful family photos. I too ‘went into labor’ when my son was 19.4 days. My water broke but no one knew why. My labor stopped and they told me that I would have to stay in the hospital until my baby was born, they expected a day or two. Two months later my labor began again and my son was delivered by emergency c section. They thought he would make it but his lungs were so under formed due to the lack of amniotic fluid they think, that he only lived a few hours. I am sad to say we were not with him until the very end as they required that I be mobile in getting to him but didn’t take me off of my catheter until hours after he had passed. It is a most devastating experience but God has given us the grace and fortitude to carry on and though we have experienced two miscarriages since two and a half years later we were able to deliver our youngest beautiful daughter. I will pray for you and your family as you recover from this difficult time and know that God will carry you through.

  334. I’m so sorry for your loss. I saw a link for these photos and couldn’t help but steal a moment of your lives for my own memory bank. I have always been pro-life and it’s photos like these that convey the beauty of what life is and the awesome gift God has given us. My heart goes out to you and your family. God bless you guys. He will carry you through these times. All my love, from Iowa.

  335. I gave birth to twin boys at 17 weeks 6/12/11. They too were fully formed and perfect little babies just like yours. Sorry for your loss, its hard to go through but we make it through somehow. Take care ❤

  336. I am so sorry for your loss. He is running and playing and having the best time with his granddaddy. The Lord Jesus needed this precious angel. My prayer for you is that you receive peace and understanding. May God bless you and keep you.

  337. Thank you for sharing your story. My husband and I lost a baby girl 20 years ago May 29th. See your pictures reminded me so much of our little Faith. She was 25 weeks and the state didn’t issue death certificates until 36 weeks so the hospital made me one. We do have one picture of her but I wish we had more.
    Thanks again for sharing,
    Kelli Gordon
    Blessed mother of 6 and grandmother of 2!

  338. I just wanna say that Im so glad u did this! I’m a mommy of a angel babies too Faith Lynn 1/12/04 and Thomas Ashley 7/28/04! Not a day that goes by that I dont think about them! I have one precious miracle now and I count by blessings every day! So thank u for sharing this when some of us dont have the courage cause of the fear of peoples reactions! God bless u and your angel baby and your beautiful family

  339. Such a heart breaking story, much love and healing to your family. While there is no excuse for the lack of attention received in the ER try to forgive, the Drs,PAs, and NPs see so much trauma it makes it easier to deal with when there is a “fetus in distress” as opposed to a baby that may not make it, they need that separation to do their jobs. The OB staff get closure by knowing the end result and knowing they did the best they could ER doesn’t have the same ability though it seems they failed in their diagnostics in this case.
    I find it a little disturbing people use this as a measure to guilt someone into not having an abortion. They are powerful and moving pictures but having someone’s early term delivery pictures as a way to elicit even more emotion from someone contemplating abortion seems competely inappropriate. Just because someone gets pregnant doesn’t mean they have the physical, or mental ability to go through pregnancy and child birth.

    1. A woman contemplating abortion is going through an immense amount of emotions and we should be empathetic toward her plight. However, these are photos celebrating a beautiful little boy’s life. If these pictures are capable of invoking guilt; perhaps a woman contemplating abortion should reconsider her options and evaluate her beliefs. This family cannot change the truth and facts behind their story…their pictures of baby Walter is an accurate depiction of a 19 week gestational baby.

  340. Thank you for being so open and honest. To share your beautiful gift with the world is truly eye-opening and hopeful. In the butt happiness for real little boy talks about seeing his siblings that was lost and early stage, Put health trust that you will one day see him again. May God richly bless you. He was truly a little handsome blessing!

  341. I lost my son Keegan at 27 days old, and I know your pain. I never got any answers why or what the reason was on him passing. All I know is God needed more. I wish I could say it gets easier but I’d be lying. A few pictures is all I have and it’s the best ever. Stay strong and God Bless

  342. Your Baby boy Is Beautiful. I Am So Sorry That You Lost Him For Now. But I’m So Glad You Were Able To Hold Him, And That You Believe That You Will See Him Again. I Know You Will. Thank You For Sharing Your Story. ❤

  343. Im so very sry for you’re loss. You’re pictureof your son are so moving …..I see your love for him threw your eyes from the pictures you’re took. You are right know he’s better than we are.we live our lives trying to be the best we can be to earn our wings he didn’t have to go threw any of the bads in this world.he earned his wings and flew right into the arms of our you be blessed and my you’re family have peace..

  344. Your story broke my heart and tears to my face. my husband and I lost 2 babies. I was only 10 and 13 weeks, so I had no confirmation but I knew in my heart what I was having. I never got to hold my babies, never got to see them. I have also seen and heard the disrespect of medical professionals pertaining to babies and their families. I want to thank you for sharing your story and photos. I think it’s wonderful that your family has those pictures and things from the hospital. Your daughters are VERY blessed.

  345. Your story is absolutely beautiful. I am so sorry for your loss, I will pray that the days get a little easier as time passes. I have 5 step kids, no kids my self; my fiance is “fixed”, can be reversed, I ache for a baby of my own one day. I don’t know if I could be as strong as you. You have truly touched my heart. Sometimes I wonder why “good people” can’t have children but have people who abort, abuse, ect to innocent children. Walter will be waiting with a big beautiful smile at the gates one day. God bless your family.

    Holly Greathouse

  346. I can not put into words how much your story breaks my heart. Just know that your sweet family is in my prayers. I am so sorry for your loss and know Walter is with his heavenly Father and dancing and playing in Heaven. God bless ya’ll!!

  347. Your blog and pics have meant more to me than you can imagine. 20 years ago I miscarried a beautiful boy at 17 weeks. I was never allowed to see him. Through Walter, I can now envision how he might have looked. Bless you. I will keep you in my prayers.

  348. I am truly sorry about your lose. I do how ever know the pain you and your husband went through. I lost my little girl on September 23, 99 and my little boy on December 25, 00. I was 21 weeks pregnant with both. I had them both cremated, that way I could always be with them. I finally have 3 beautiful babies. Not one day passes by I don’t think me them. Thanks for sharing your story. You have a beautiful family!!!!!!!!!!!

  349. I am so glad you felt free to share your story. It is so sad that medical personnel would be so heartless to a mother in need of help. To me it’s a baby as soon as the heart is beating. I had to be in the hospital 8 weeks before my twins were born. I seen a lot of women come and go. I even seen babies come down the hall to wait for the coroner. It worried me a lot about the mother that just loss her little one. After a couple times I shut my door so I wouldn’t worry so much and cry for there loss. I was one who made it with 6 week early twins. I was lucky….I prayed many days in my bathroom, the only place I could be alone without interruptions.
    I hope you the best. Walter is a beautiful Angel.

  350. Such a touching testimony of love and family. I do so hope you find peace in knowing you have shared a very moving and extremely personal experience with the world. An experience that will have impact on many, in so many ways. Thank you

  351. So very sorry for your family’s loss. Walter was nothing less than a child. YOUR child. God bless you all

  352. Wow! Thank you for sharing! My heart is breaking! All my thoughts are focused on that lil baby and ur family! I only hope love and happiness for u all!!

  353. My heart goes out to you and your family.Your story is so beautifully told and touched me deep inside. God bless you for allowing your girls to see their brother. Thank You for sharing your pictures, they are so precious.

  354. Wow. Your son is beautiful. These pictures, while heartbreaking, are absolutely amazing. God bless your family. Everything happens for a reason.

    1. So sorry for your loss. Your son is beautiful. Thank you for sharing his story and pictures. Keeping you and your family in prayer.

  355. I am so sorry for your loss girl. Your baby was so precious. I will say prayers for you and your family so that God may see you all through this. Your little angle baby is looking down upon you all and knows you loved with all your heart. May God bless you all always.

  356. Beautiful family…beautiful story! I was a Labor & Delivery Nurse for 12 years and have precious memories of hours spent with families such as yours! Praying for you all!

  357. I am so terribly sorry for your loss. I will keep you in my prayers. Just know you truly touched my heart! MAKE ME MORE THANKFUL FOR MY FOUR YEAR OLD SON. I wish you the best and for your family.

  358. I am so terribly sorry for your loss. My cousin and I went through the exact same thing. My cousin’s son was born at 20 weeks and he only lived for 2 hours. My heart aches for you. My water broke when I was 21 weeks and 6 days and I was able to keep my beautiful baby girl inside me for 9 days to let her grow. I had her 9 days later. She weighed 2 lbs 2.3 ounces. The doctors said her organs and her size was the measure of a 28 week old. I had 4 short days with her. Her liver sac got infected by her belly tubes and she bled to death. I miss her everyday, and I too truest understand what you are going through. No one should ever have to go through something like this. It was my first baby. And i wanted a girl so bad. If you ever need someone to talk to I put my email address on here. Feel free anytime.

  359. God bless you, you are a strong woman who i just love. May your family heal from this, but know God does has a purpose for us all. you are Amazing my dear. Your son is beautiful just how God made him.

  360. Walter is so precious and beautiful and im very sorry for your loss. I too have the same beliefs as you on abortion and the fact he is a baby and a human being like we are, not just a glob and it saddens me to think people think like that. I pray for healing and comfort for you and your family.

  361. You do not know me, but I was so honored to be able to read your post and see your pictures. Your son was beautiful. Four years ago Our daughter lost her little boy, Wesley Michael and 19 1/2 weeks and we were crushed. But, unlike you, we were never able to see him or touch him or hold him. I have always wondered what he looked like. Thank you for sharing your story. It has helped ease our pain.

  362. Ur little living baby boy reminds of the fight I had to save my baby girl … She is 6 now and I value everyday of her life… She was not as young in her womb but 3 months shy of her due date … I have showed her ur little boys pictures and as I waited for her response… She became a little teary and said is that an angel…??? And I replied yes mama… He. Is .. And she says he’s a cute angel… So even tho he may now be he in body with you know he watches over u and her husband and baby girls… May god bless you ..& and know ur in my prayers and not alone .. For u are the mommy of a preemie baby boy.. Just like all us preemie mommies

  363. Thank you for sharing. I can’t imagine your heartache but am inspired by your faith. Your baby is amazing and oh so beautiful.

  364. My sympathies and deepest prayers. I admire what you are doing and why. At 19 weeks with my only child I started dilating & bleeding. My husband & I went to the hospital. I had a nurse laughing & texting & talking fast. My world was spinning. They kept referring to my daughter, my child as it. I was made to sign papers stating that I understood they would deliver my child & make no attempts to save her as she was not a viable life form, and much more that just seems like torture to anyone in my shoes. My OB arrived & straightened things up, I was a good candidate for a cerclage & long term bed rest in the hospital. Even while in the hospital, hearing her heart beat, feeling her kick, seeing her little profile, to them she was an it, not viable, not a person until 24 weeks. I did carry until 27, my water broke at 26 & she is healthy & perfect. I only understand a fraction of what you experienced. Although I prepared myself for a different outcome I didn’t have to experience that loss. That aside….you sharing your story & your pictures for such a noble cause, more power to you & may god bless you. I wish you all the best in this world & the next. I hope your message reaches someone who needs it!

  365. Your story has changed how I see abortions. Im so very sorry for your loss . I know nothing can take that pain away. I always thought women should have abortion rights but at 19 weeks that is a human not a fetus. Please accept m condolences. y

  366. I just wanted to say I’m so sorry for y’alls loss.I find myself sitting here crying and I’m loss for words. I know the feeling of where you are at. I loss my baby in June of last year. It was very hard. I didn’t get to see my baby, at least you but you see your baby’s beautiful face. I wish I could have. But I’m blessed to have gotten pregnant right after that. I gave birth to a healthy baby boy on May 9, 2013. God has a plan for everyone and he will give you another baby, you just watch and see. Please keep faith and you shall receive. Thank you for reading my post. Your family is beautiful and you willl be blessed with another baby, I truly believe that.

  367. God Bless you for the trial that you have endured and for the witness that you stand for innocent children. I pray that you have joy and daily peace that God blesses you with knowing that you will all be reunited. Your story and photos are inspiring!!!

  368. Beautiful, heartwarming pictures. You will always treasure these. And, by sharing, you allowed me to have a very serious, heartfelt conversation with my 10 year old grandson about the lives that are lost to abortion. He was shocked that in our country, that is allowed. Through your loss and your willingness to share your beautiful baby boy’s pictures, you may have helped save many, many lives! May God bless you for being open and honest and sharing. I pray that He might bless you with a healthy pregnancy and a beautiful baby boy in the future.

  369. Let me just say I’m so sorry. I also had a miscarriages my first was with triplets. But I can’t imagine what you went through getting to actually hold ur son. But I think you have done something amazing by putting this out there to where people can see and feel what you went through. Many thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

  370. Im so sorry for the loss of your beautiful baby boy!! All my love and prayers go out to you and your family! God Bless you and your family!! >3

  371. Prayers for you & your family… Inspiring story that will def touch so many lives. Much love

  372. This has touched me and opened my eyes in a life changing way. You are doing something wonderful by posting this and I am so sorry for you loss and send my love to your family.

  373. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with your son, Walter. I’m so sorry for your loss. I, too, have lost two babies one from early miscarriage and a baby girl stillborn. I pray you are able to grieve the way you need to grieve. Again, thank you for sharing so candidly. Sincerely, Melissa